09 Mar 2012

Update on Scott Sumner Showdown

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Sorry for not mentioning this sooner, but here’s an update: At my request, Scott and I have postponed our debate that was originally scheduled (I think) for January. The reason is simple: I got bogged down with “day job” stuff and couldn’t prepare. I think for sure if I had debated Scott in January, it would have been at best a draw and he might have beaten me.

Before you go judging the true strengths of our positions or who is the good guy vs. villain, just remember this.

5 Responses to “Update on Scott Sumner Showdown”

  1. Joe Esty says:

    Don’t concede anything, Bob. One of Christopher Hitchens’ most effective tactics was never to concede. It might have been a draw, but he wouldn’t have won.

    • Bob Murphy says:

      Joe, Christopher Hitchens is not one of my role models. Superman >> Hitchens.

  2. Jonathon Hunt says:

    So, you have no estimate of when the debate will be now?

  3. Elliott says:

    Hopefully — this isn’t Kevin Smith’s Superman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgYhLIThTvk

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