10 Mar 2012

Mises Gives Fodder to Conspiracy Theorists

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I talk with plenty of people who think a small group of bankers basically run the world–and the odd thing is, I can’t really see a flaw in their argument. (Of course, given my religious views, I would take it one step further.) In that context, check out this passage I just ran across in Theory of Money and Credit, which was originally published in 1912:

The connexion between banking proper and the business of speculation and flotation is similarly loose and superficial. This is the branch of their activities on which the general economic importance of the banks nowadays depends, and by means of which on the Continent of Europe and in the United States they secured control of production, no less than of the provision of credit. It would not be easy to overestimate the influence on the organization of economic life that has been exerted by the change in the relation of the banks to industry and commerce; perhaps it would not be an exaggeration to describe it as the most important event in modern economic history. (262)

10 Responses to “Mises Gives Fodder to Conspiracy Theorists”

  1. John says:

    Many investigations and searches I do lead straight to the Rothschilds. They own Reuters and many more information manipulation outlets. They started the Jewish state and built their Supreme Court. (Check out the pyramid and the all seeing eye in the middle of it!) They funded both sides of most wars to make money with no effort (Check out the war of 1812, French revolution and their ties to the Civil War). And now their younger heir is promoting global warming as a fact and making millions on this myth. Their estimated worth is 500 Trillion. Where did all that come from. Honest gain?

    Me thinks there is a stinky rat in the world and it comes from Britain. Maybe we never truly broke free of their control. Maybe that is why they are content with what we are doing with our Federal Reserve. If you read the Creature From Jekyll Island you will see how this allllll ties in.

    • Scott H. says:

      “Their estimated worth is $500 trillion.”

      Source please.

      • Jonathan M.F. Catalán says:

        I find it funny that this is the only thing you want a source for.

        • Scott H. says:

          Yes, it was just a matter of marginal utility for more questions (there wasn’t enough). I did find it humorous that an organization worth $500 trillion would completely waste its time making “millions” with global warming.

      • skylien says:

        Maybe he already factored in some future inflation…

    • John G. says:

      John, the locus of power may be London (and NYC) today, but the seeds for their rule were laid long, long ago.

      Just read the first six chapters of this book (the entire book is truly outstanding):

  2. Giovanni P says:

    I can’t believe you all still ask for proves that the NWO and the triple sources of global government tries exists: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3qkf3bajd4

  3. John says:

    “Source please.”

    So it is just an estimate and I think they factor it using similar information on this site which also has references – http://www.mega.nu/ampp/rothschild2.html

    But the real concern here is not the actual dollar amount, but the amount of power an influence the vast Rothschilds empire really exerts. Their power and the way they use it are the problems. Their money and methods are the means.

    One trillion or 500…they are not doing good things over there – especially when you look at all the wars they are funding. Many source document it on BOTH sides of conflict so as to always back a winner even if you have to back a loser just in case.

    • Scott H. says:

      So, the score so far…

      Lack of credibility: 499,000,000,000,000
      John: 0


  4. Uncle Sam says:

    Reading the post title and then looking at the comments is hilarious. I suggest changing the title to “Bob Gives Fodder to Conspiracy Theorists by Suggesting Mises Gives Fodder to the Conspiracy Theorists”. It’s more meta, that way.

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