09 Mar 2012

Leon Panetta Cues the Empire Theme Music

Big Brother 2 Comments

Just watch the first 80 seconds, that’s all you need… And Panetta is right: This is a bipartisan affair.

2 Responses to “Leon Panetta Cues the Empire Theme Music”

  1. Dan says:

    What is crazy to me is he is giving a restrained PC answer in his mind. At least these kind of videos helped in bringing my very liberal mother, father, brothers, sisters, and a few cousins to libertarianism. If it wasn’t for the bipartisan support of these kind of things they would still look at me like the crazy person. They thought I was insane and that Obama was going to be the anti-Bush. Now my dad is reading Bastiat and my cousin is reading The Road to Serfdom with Rothbard next on the list.

  2. Daniel says:

    Article I Section 8 Clauses 11-14 anyone?

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