10 Mar 2012

Guest Post: Ron Paul’s Delegate Strategy

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Editor’s Note: John Connolly is a computer whiz, camera guy, and generally a jack-of-all trades who is staying at my house for a couple of weeks while in town on a business trip. He was mentioning to me his recent experience as a temporary precinct chairman in Washington State. I asked him to write it up, and the below is his tale…–RPM


The Ron Paul Winning Strategy: Washington State Precinct 304 Example
By John Connolly

This 2012 election season is wrought with churning up failed campaigns, where they first appear to gain the confidence of the Republican community but we soon see those candidates dashed against the rocks of negative campaign ads and poor debate performances. Rick Perry takes the cake in that regard I suppose. The pattern of holding a debate and taking a vote, state after state I thought was a great process. I still do sort of, but I now understand why Ron Paul continues to play the Cool Hand Luke role through this process.

I never really understood the hoopla over the difference between winning a straw poll and adding delegates to your satchel of support. I look back a few weeks ago and I reminisce on how confused I was. If straw polls don’t count, then why count them? Back then, a few weeks ago, I thought, “Well, maybe it is just a good way to put your finger up in the voter air and detect the strongest wind of change.”

To clear it up a bit, delegates are earned in a caucus method this way:

A state is divided into hundreds of neighborhoods called precincts. Often times a precinct can be 5 or 10 people big, or they can be 500 to 1000 or more. The GOP determines how many delegates maximum can represent a given precinct (based on population size and other factors). Each precinct chooses a handful of delegates to represent their neighborhood. They vote most often with a quickly made paper ballot or show of hands after all the people who would like to volunteer to be delegates gives their speeches on why they want to represent the precinct and what presidential candidate they would like to vote for. Some precincts have no turnout and they have by that fact no representation. In some precincts, the number of people willing to be delegates is below the threshold set by the GOP. In those cases, all of them that want to, get to.
All those who are elected as precinct delegates go to the county convention. The same process then happens at the county level, meaning that the precinct delegates select from their ranks a smaller number of delegates to go on to the state convention.

Then again, at the state convention, the county delegates in turn select those who will go to the National GOP Convention. This year it is in Florida.

I hope this is clear. This is important to the story.

OK now back to my example.

On March 3rd, the state of Washington got its turn to dredge up supporters, count the straws as well as deliver precinct delegates. In Washington it is a long and drawn out process as it is in several other states. It was their first ever “caucus only” election cycle.

So I went to my precinct meeting place where many precincts also met. That is called a Precinct Pool. Since this was the first time Washington did not hold a primary this thing was packed with confused voters whose constant refrain was, “I don’t know what is going on here but I will do what I can to vote.”

Meanwhile, I could tell by the type of constant contact from the Ron Paul campaign, they were not at all confused. They know well, what all this is about and how they can use this caucus process to their advantage. In my precinct they did.

Precinct 304 had 19 preference voters. When we signed in—many people thinking this was just a formality of the registration process and not the “straw poll” itself—the form asked us to list, by our names, our presidential preference. Lo and behold this was our straw poll vote! Several folks did not know that, so they had to go back and fill in the blank as they were hoping to vote in secret. This was not the primary they were used to.

After we all signed in, the GOP representative gave the instructions for delegate selections. It was almost straightforward, but even still, three people left the building between the sign-in straw poll and the delegate selection process. I think they may have thought the straw poll was all they needed to participate in. Or maybe they did not have enough of a conviction to “waste” their time with the “arduous” delegate selection process. As I would soon learn, these people who walked out early may have either been wise or foolish – more on that in a minute.

In precinct 304 there were only 16 people that stayed for the delegate selection and only 15 voted. I remember the one elderly woman who sat there the whole time and then turned in a blank delegate ballot. She appeared to be as confused as can be. I can still see the blank stare on her face. Maybe she was just having a bad day. Who knows?

As we were about to start, we had to select a chairman. My wife nominated me without asking and before I knew it, there was a second and a vote and I was handed the GOP official delegate papers. Mind you this was my first time ever doing this and Roberts Rules of meeting order are not etched in my brain!

So I followed the instructions of the GOP representative and held a vote for the secretary for this meeting. We now had the “leadership” to select the delegates.

Out of the 16 people sitting there only four wanted to be delegates. We only had three slots that the GOP said could be filled. I decided to add my name since that was legal and this was my one shot to really support Ron Paul. Something those three people who left after the original straw poll vote never got to consider. Now we had five delegate candidates. No more jumped at the chance.

The goal was for everyone to vote for the three delegates that most represented their views. The five of us took turns giving our modest but impassioned speeches for what we stood for and who we would vote for.

First was the diehard Gingrich supporter. Then there were two on the fence, one Paul-Romney and one Paul-Santorum that spoke of their desire to see the change that Paul would give, but would concede to their alternate choice if that is all that was available. The fourth speech was a diehard Ron Paul fan. He admitted to the vote for Obama in ‘08, and would not be “snookered” again. He studied the Constitution and became engaged in searching for the soul of liberty the last three years and no other candidate would suffice.

Then it was my turn. I was a pro-Bush fan back years ago, until I awoke one morning to TARP and the rest is history for me. Given that the field narrowed to the current four presidential candidates, I was a Ron Paul diehard too. I got my chance to tell how the Fed was created and how they create money out of thin air and why it is a hidden tax and how his foreign policy is so miss understood. It was a moment.

Now everyone knew where each of us stood. In the end even though Ron Paul only obtained 6 out of 19 straw poll votes from my precinct, the delegate ballots turned in what I never expected. Both diehard Ron Paul supporters became delegates alongside the Gingrich supporter. The “on the fence” people lost out. So Ron Paul gets little better than 25% of the straw poll in our precinct and yet gets 66% of the delegates to his name. I know this is just one small precinct, but I wonder based on the Ron Paul supporter enthusiasm how common this story is.

Then I hear of one report where another precinct had 8 people, 7 Romney fans and 1 Paul fan. They only had room for one delegate. They voted in the Paul person. That is 13% of the straw poll for Paul, yet 100% of the delegates.

If this is a pervasive trend, and based on the way Ron Paul supporters turn up to take the lead in these elections, it could very well be that Ron Paul is racking up delegates under the radar. How far off could the supposed delegate counts really be? The media is doing their own calculus, but Ron Paul is collecting real names and real numbers based on real votes and real delegate appointments. They are publishing reports vastly different. And they may be a slight skew, but they don’t want to lie to themselves, as they need to know where they are strong and weak as well. As I am editing this very article the report for the Clark County Nevada Caucus turns in a Ron Paul domination of about 2/3rds of the delegates and all 14 Clark County delegates were awarded to Ron Paul delegates. Still think Ron Paul is unelectable?

I contend that it is far more likely that Ron Paul has almost as many real delegates as Romney nationally, if not more, and if the media ever reported it, this whole fabricated concern of electability becomes an obvious and obnoxious deception and the establishment could be severely squashed this time around. Similar to a Ronald Reagan trounce but far more drastic.

Sure, I am biased toward Ron Paul because I no longer want to have my dollar tied to nothing and worth less with every passing year, so you could say I am just spinning anecdotal evidence in his favor. But the numbers are the numbers in my precinct and the numbers widely reported appear to be assembled through the same funny math that they use to deliver the unemployment news monthly.

So what about the straw poll and its power to persuade? In some strange esoteric way my three colleagues that left the process early and hundreds of thousands like them are having an effect since the media is weighting their straw vote so heavily. They are helping to sway the general public in the direction of the straw poll results which are not the means by which a candidate is elected in many states. It is misinformation at best but more like propaganda in reality. And when they do report the national delegate count, they are not telling the truth. The truth is Washington will not award their state delegates for a couple more months. And if you think the delegates at the state level will mimic the straw poll, you may want to think again.

Subsequent states are voting based on those straw polls and inaccurate delegate numbers rather than the real data that is not available until states like Washington hold the county caucus and then the state caucus.

What if Ron Paul actually wins Washington and other caucus states for real? How heartbroken will the closet Ron Paul supporter be when they find out they could have avoided wasting their vote on an establishment candidate.

If you are not asking for voting advice, please feel free to move on to your next web destination. But if you want help, as many appear to need it when you look at how this is all playing out, my suggestion is to vote for the person who you know will defend the causes as you deem appropriate. Keep your conscience clear. And if Obama makes it back in, then let his party take the blame for socialism. Don’t be so blind that you think voting in a socialist Republican is better than leaving the current Progressive Liberal in office. TARP and overspending RINOs are damage enough.

John Connolly is a software developer and avid sushi eater in Washington State.

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  1. Bill Woolsey says:

    The key question is are the party rules at the county level or state level for voting for delegates.

    The real division at those levels will be Republican party regulars–local public officials, their family members, county committee members, their familes, and so on vs. partisans for some Presidential campaign, especially Ron Paul. Christian conservatives and tea party types might be like Paulistas a bit.

    All of the RP regulars will have some Presidential preference and they might be divided, but for them, getting
    the state delegation at the Republican national convention behind one candidate isn’t really the point.

    It is certain that the state convention won’t be all confused, and it is doubful that will be true of many counties.

    If the Ron Paul delegates are a majority at the County or state level, then they are in the driver’s seat. If they aren’t a majority, then it is at least possible that they can be frozen out.

    If the traditional party leaders dominate, then the delegation in Tampa will vote for the Presidential candidate who is going to win anyway (adding to his margin of victory,) or maybe for who they think would have the longest coatails in Washington, or maybe, who did best in the straw poll, or who is doing better in opinion polls in Washington near the time of the nomination.

    In South Carolina, we have all of this precinct, county, and state business. However, whoever goes to Tampa, the delegation votes will follow the results on the peference primary on the first ballot.

    If all you care about is the Presidential nominee, then that is really important. Many Paul supporters think Paul is our only hope and had unrealistic espectations about his chances. But, for the platform and the VP slot, nothing is bound by primaries or straw polls.

    There may be some states where candidates propose slates of delegates who go to the national convention based upon primary results. I don’t know. But in SC, we have a primary, the results are binding, but all of the delegates are selected through a caucus system. And usually, it is the same crew of Republican party activists, especially public officials, and their family members who run this apparatus year in and year out.

    • John Connolly says:


      This is what happens when the establishment tries to lock out the Ron Paul delegation. You need to read the comments from the people who were there. That link is a bias against Ron Paul. They did not give the information in context from what I can tell. And even though you don’t get to see the alleged injustice by the Chair before the reaction, this was not a pitchfork and torch reaction the way the author on the Daily Caller describes it.

      It appears that the delegates are fully aware that the pranks of the GOP leadership were to hide the rules and prevent a Ron Paul offense from ever taking hold. When the delegates hold the chair and secretary accountable and keep the process honest, they are seen as extreme. One persons extreme is another persons fight for truth, justice and the real American way. Watch for yourself. Are these people really “overreacting?”

      Anyway. To your point, the counties and states are going to contend with passionate delegates and it appears the majority are Ron Paul supporters in most cases. The days of establishment rigged elections are being exposed. I hope they will come to a close as a result. If the Ron Paul people have to get a bit demanding in order to make the organizers abide by their own rules, let it be.

  2. Scott Lazarowitz says:

    Will any of this really make a difference? Even if Ron Paul is elected president, he won’t get his agenda of freedom and peace passed from such a fascist, imbecilic Congress. Our system of centralization is inherently flawed and doomed to crash and burn. (And I think that Ron Paul knows this, but he won’t say so publicly.)

    What needs to be done is acknowledging that central planning does not work, and can’t be made to work, and not even Ron Paul can ever, ever make a system of central planning work.

    What needs to be done is to do what the Soviet Union did, the states need to secede away from Leviathan.

    We need to free ourselves from our enslavement by central planning, totalitarian bureaucrat nitwits, and throw “D.C.” into the dustbin of totalitarian history!

    • John Connolly says:

      I propose we take the two pronged approach. Try to be the fifth column to thwart the two party system. If RP makes it, then at least there will be 4 years of veto giving more press to the ideals of Liberty.

      Worse case…we elect leaders at the state level who will vote to make their state a sovereign nation if tyranny is found to be fully unstoppable. That too … is not likely, but could happen if Tom Woods book on the subject is read in the circles of power.

      But we should be advancing in both areas just in case.

      Giving up is not an option for me. The only third option is to move out of the nation and renounce citizenship completely (something I hear is more and more difficult with the State Department REJECTING those application requests). This idea is not likely for most people who cannot speak another language.

      Right now though, Ron Paul has the respect of many and that support is growing exponentially for some reason this year. I think the pain of staying the same is officially slightly bigger than the pain of change we can enjoy.

      • 10thmndr says:

        One doesn’t have to renounce U.S. citizenship. There are 2 United States operating in law simultaneously. One is Wash.,D.C. by itself. Renouncing exits both the 50 States united and Wash,D.C. U.S. Supreme Court in Hooven Allison v. Evatt set in cement 3 definitions. Congress uses 5 definitions. Meaning 2 don’t pass High Court muster. The United States everyone today is presumed to exist in is the “Corporatiion” United States. Corporations are identified with their name in all capital letters. All U.S. citizens are 14th Ammendment persons just like Corporations. Such citizen is recognized through lens of law and court as being 14 Ammendment federal govt. citizen in whatever State they reside [Ergo County resident/State resident].. Such citizen is presumed to have self contracted out of the republican form of govt. which predates the New Deal contract. Thus those born in states are seperated by 14th Ammendment federal citizen recognition documents all govt. moves one to apply for. Exception is Birth certificate where one ratifies mother’s signature by keeping document after adult age whereby evidencing consent to New Deal contract. All documents having one’s name in all caps evidence legal fiction of law recognition as well as effective connection to govt. Its only frivolous if onself is 14th Ammendment person raising the argument. Govt. here asserts sovereignty by Commerce Clause. Capitalization identifies where and who one is in respect to law. All caps means voluntary contractual servitude to govt. and recognition of being resident in New Deal democracy under “Corporation” United States. Withdrawing signature authorization nunc pro tunc ad infinitum from all govt. documentation and exiting all contracts and ties with govt. leads to High Court window to the Republic. Carol Anne Bond v. United States relates to 14th people access to 10th Ammendment invocation. Seperation from New Deal contracts places all white males born in states directly under the 10th Ammendment. Paramount objective is to perfect standing by calling forth all 10th people to vote to reserve rights under the 10th Ammendment and then record them in County record and serve notice to State an U.S. govt. what new right of people is created. Its about occupying the people side of the 10th Ammendment. People side is activated after States were subjected to 3 thirty day notices of default for failure to do will of the true people[ 10th Ammendment standing people] . 90 day end leads to State estoppel from moving forward. Both govts. are agents of 10th People, whereby people vote which agent prevails in settling political/judicial questions,conflicts of law. People by effect exist inside the Constitution making direct contract between govt. and people real relative to everyone in govt. pledging to uphold and defend the Constitution. Thus pledging allegiance to 10th Ammendment people . People then can sue the bonds which underlay all oaths and affirmations or file charging affidavits against them. Reserved right by wielding unalienable right to vote to reserve could be to have Legislative representatives limited to 3 seperate issue affidavit attacks upon their bonds where such representatives are no longer bondable. Theres no end to what people could vote into existence as a reserved 10th right. Expanding rights of people reduces govt. rights. Ergo limitations and constraints are visible when ” people” vote them into existence. First vote to reserve is to make the 10th Ammendment all inclusive,irrespective of race,creed,color,religion,sexual orientation, or other. This sponsors everyone out of the 14th Ammendment Corporation scope and purview. Lays foundation for 10th people to sponsor all 14th litigation into 10th Ammendment people oversight. Visualize, check and ballance people oversight authority over everything. Enfoced by mobile 10th Ammendment Grand Juries. U.S. Supreme Court states “people have the right to change their govt.” and “its a DUTY OF THE PEOPLE TO CORRECT THE GOVT. FROM OPERATING IN ERROR.” [emphasis mine]. Just have to be a white male born in a state willing to exit 14th Ammendment to kickstart people side of the 10th Ammendment. Its the process to seperate from New Deal Democracy contract back to one’s birthright Founding Father’s Old Deal Republic contract. All white males born in states are automatically 10th Ammendment people. Many believe U.S.govt. is all powerful. Only takes one white male each county,every state, to vote to disband entire United States govt by divesting its right to represent or act in the name of the People. Once all original powers vested are reclaimed foreign nations abroad are noticed U.S. govt. lacks standing to participate in foreign affairs and lacks authority and sovereignty to vote on behalf of American people. Its akin to retroactively undoing everything for the purpose of people led reconstruction of govt. by people voting out what people don’t want. People vote first whereby establishing govt. agenda. Then representatives are to vote. If vote contrary to will of people, Representative bears burden of proving just cause and necessity. Failure results in Grand Jural recall removal[ another people right which could be reserved.]. Another reserved right is to empower County govt. with right to directly compete against State and U.S. govt.s . Such right makes all counties collectively greater than all States and U.S. govt. Purpose is to clean up political process and create reciprocity of sovereign recognition between people and civil authority. Thus Counties are protected from all outside govt. litigation deemed detrimental to people and County civil authority defends and protects people from all outside govt. action defined by people as being govt. bad faith or judicial bad behavior . True power of people exists outside U.S. citizen recognition. What citizenship predates the creation of the United States govt? Therein is the reality which makes aforesaid a potential reality. No need to leave America, just leave your present legal fiction self.

  3. John G. says:

    Great explanation and illustration, John; it is best one that I have read to-date. Thanks!

    I hope that the Ron Paul campaign gives updates on how the delegate counts are coming, now that they are happening. We contributors and activists need some encouragement here and there.

    • John Connolly says:

      March 24th is the county level convention. I actually had to pay to move a flight to be there. I will be there!

      When we hold the Jefferson County caucus, I will add a followup comment or another post. If I go to the Washington State convention, I will report on that too. Not likely I would go to the National Convention in Florida…but I guess anything is possible.

      Regardless, I have a feeling there is a strong chance of Ron Paul getting a majority of delegates from Washington now than ever.

      We’ll soon see. More to come.

  4. Graham says:

    Ideally you need to try to coordinate better with the other Ron Paul people in your Precinct. Only as many of you as there are delegates slots should nominate yourselves so as not to spread your votes too thin. Also make sure everyone knows they get one vote for each delegate slot, they should write all Ron Paul supporters names. If there aren’t enough Ron Paul supporters names do not write a vote for the other candidates delegates. Also you can vote for yourself. Make sure you organize with the campaign and get in touch with the precinct delegates in your district/county because you will need to form a slate for the upcoming convention every Ron Paul delegate needs to know which delegates to vote for.

  5. Sherrie says:

    I’ve been reading bits and pieces as to how this delegate process works and am pleased to finally be able to read a more thorough explanation. Thank you very much for posting this and I along with so many others will hope this process leads to great success for Dr. Paul. Whatever happens in the end, Dr. Paul’s message of liberty has truly captured the hearts and minds of so many, both here and around the world and it is ever growing. Thank you again for the explanation.

  6. John Connolly says:


    I would offer a correction on this article. In your description, you say: ” As I am editing this very article the report for the Clark County Nevada Caucus turns in a Ron Paul domination of about 2/3rds of the delegates and all 14 Clark County delegates were awarded to Ron Paul delegates. Still think Ron Paul is unelectable?”

    There were actually almost 1400 delegates for Clark County to the state convention, of which well over half went to Paul supporters. The 14 spots you mentioned weren’t delegate spots, they were openings on the Clark County Republican Party Executive Board –– all of which Ron Paul supporters secured. They now have control of the same E-Board that decided to hold the special Adelson caucus and exclude otherwise eligible voters based on religion. I guarantee you that will NOT happen again. 😉

    Other than that, great job! Looking forward to your next report!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Am I the only one who sees Connolly’s analysis as a completely unreasonable extrapolation?

    • John Connolly says:

      “Am I the only one who sees Connolly’s analysis as a completely unreasonable extrapolation?”

      Understand…I am just trying to point out the unreasonable extrapolation in the media of state won delegates months before the candidates actually win the states delegates. AND at the same time, in reading the tea leaves of precinct and county participation through caucus process vs. “straw polls” as reported in many places, that the true DELEGATE numbers are probably going to favor Ron Paul far more than the MSM is expecting.

      I am guessing double or triple and, of course, that is not a scientific extrapolation, it’s just an semi-educated guess for what it is worth based on my experience at the precinct level and the anecdotal and factual reports that keep cropping up through the woodwork from other precincts and counties.

      The MSM is claiming victories that don’t exist yet. I am just making a wild guess at the possible outcome. Who is being unreasonable?

      • Anonymous says:

        “it’s just an semi-educated guess”

        No, it’s a terrible extrapolation. There are literally thousands of precinct delegates, and you have a handful of reports.

        You are both being unreasonable.

  8. John Connolly says:

    Here is what is telling. http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/politics/11154-ron-paul-wins-popular-vote-in-virgin-islands-gop-caucus

    When Romney wins the Straw Poll and Ron Paul wins the delegates, the MSM says Romney won. When Ron Paul wins wins the Straw Poll and Romney wins the delegates, Romney is still touted the winner..in which case Romney is.

    When Ron Paul wins the delegates in many caucus states in the near future, let’s see what the spin is.

    My guess will be that the outrage you don’t here from the MSM on the Virgin Islands issue where Ron Paul wins the popular vote but only gets one delegate, that outrage that is missing will all of a sudden burst onto the scene when the news of the “injustice” of Ron Paul winning so many delegates in Washington, Nevada and more without winning the popular vote becomes a common place story.

    I’m predicting hypocrisy now…not that it makes it any more digestible.

    • John Connolly says:

      Oh. And I forgot to point out that if this is not proof enough that the Straw Poll is not a real indicator of delegate count, what more will people need?

    • Mar says:

      Beautifully put John Connolly!

      This report is THE SMOKING GUN that exposes how the Main Stream Media and the powers that be, who own the Main Stream Media , skew, lie, twist and manipulate the reporting of the only process that is actually in our hands to put forth a presidential candidate that we the American people choose. They think they get to choose who will be President of the United States every election, and up until the election of 2008 they have been succesfull. But people are starting to wake up. We the people have to stand up and make that decision this time!! The MSM is out of control! They are being used as a tool to manipulate how we think.

      Election fraud? It’s even worse than that. It stinks so bad, even I, just your ordinary Joe can smell it.

      We can’t stand the horror of a Presidency under Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and God forbid another 4 years of Obama. There is only one man who is offering a reversal of the crazy policies that have led us into this mess that we’re in. Ron Paul. As far as I can see, there is no other choice. And I will not cave in to voting for Romney just because he can beat Obama. I will vote my conscious this time. Voting for either of them is bad for America..

  9. Jake Chadwick says:

    Don’t the Paul delegates have to vote for the candidate that won the poll (for example Romney) on the first ballot?

  10. John Connolly says:

    Unbound delegates do not. I think this article does an decent job of explaining it: http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/291626/what-s-unbound-delegate-brian-bolduc

    but the quote I like: “The rules regarding delegates’ voting responsibilities vary state by state. “There are 50 states,” notes Bill Crocker, Republican national committeeman for Texas. “And so there are probably 53 answers” to this question, he jokes.”

    As for Washington, it is all caucus turnout and delegate voting up through each level. The preference straw poll is non-binding and means nothing in reality. Just like in the Virgin Islands. This is the point of my story really.

  11. Mar says:

    Yes, in Colorado this is true! as well I was selected as a delegate, but was not bound to vote for any particular candidate. I did what a lot of people did not do….I stayed for the delegate selection. If you are passionate for your preferred presidential candidate, then you go the extra mile to do what you can to help him/her. Media likes to demonize that kind of behavior in the case of those who support Ron Paul for president, but if you do the same for Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, or Newt Gingrich, then you are just a normal American doing your due diligence to support your pick for the republican presidential candidate. But it hurts to see the media calling it the way they see it when they actually have no clue of what the outcome will be. It is deceptive and manipulative and we need to put an end to this practice. And we need more accountability and transparency in this process from the bottom up. So there is the truth as I see it. Is there anyone who agrees with me?

  12. Katie says:

    Great catch! This is what’s going down. Ron has the majority of precinct delegates in Stevens county, and Spokane county. And we already have met to see who we are. 🙂 so there are two more Washington state Counties… Not just precincts.. For you to add to your list. He had a great campaign here and tons of volunteers who were willing to do the leg work and go the distance.Too bad our GOP is corrupt here. I was told I couldn’t be appointed pco if I was a Ron Paul supporter, by someone high up. Also, at our caucus, the head tried to leave and count the votes. This was not the only county I read about or heard from friends about this happening. So we supporters have learned, trained, studied, and figured out how to win with these old GOP rules that they seem to want to change whenever they feel like it to screw us.


    Please, let’s all of us Ron Paul supporters encourage our people in these states to write in Ron Paul as President: Alabama, California, Delaware, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. Nevada doesn’t allow write in voting but I’m trying to get our legislators to change that.


    Obama, Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich are all members of the Council On Foreign Relations – commonly referred to as America’s shadow government – that’s behind this sovietization. NONE OF THEM ARE REAL CONSERVATIVES. Learn about the CFR by visiting The John Birch Society – the barometer of WHAT’S REALLY CONSERVATIVE – at: http://jbs.org/. Also, all Paul supporters must read this article: http://tinyurl.com/JewsPlottingToStopPaul


    DEAN BERRY MINISTRIES: “When a government outlaws ‘terrorism’, it’s planning something for which ‘terrorism’ is the only recourse.”

  14. Roy Wilkowski says:

    After more searching than should be required, I finally found the Washington State GOP rules for delegates, etc. I’m a Paul delegate from Kitsap County. Should I be elected to the State Convention in Tacoma, in order to go to the National Convention, you can run as an undeclared/uncommitted delegate should your strategy be that if you declared for Paul, the old guard GOP would try to make sure you weren’t elected. But, it is my understanding of the Rules that ALL of the delegates from Washington must be united in their Presidential preference, but only on the first ballot in Tampa. As I see it, only with a majority of Paul supporters in Tacoma will we be able to carry Washington to Tampa for Ron Paul. Another avenue would be, once in Tacoma, Paul delegates convince other delegates to become Paul supporters.

  15. 10thmndr says:

    Perhaps in near future mobile 10th Ammendment Grand Juries with Sherriff deputies will oversee all political party elections and have oversight authority over all election software to ensure the integrity of the process. Such would check and ballance all fraud and shenanigans.

  16. ladymishel says:

    Ron Paul will like this video. http://youtu.be/trqgT0jhw08

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