16 Mar 2012

For Once I Agree Wholeheartedly With Daniel Kuehn

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There is something very clever at this link, I hope you’ll agree…

11 Responses to “For Once I Agree Wholeheartedly With Daniel Kuehn”

  1. Michael J. Green says:

    Oh, son of a…

  2. Ted says:
  3. Tel says:

    Now watch it there Bob! We all know that people need government in order to be able to work together cooperatively… and no one likes a smarty pants.

    You have been warned.

  4. Major_Freedom says:

    My head is spinning.

  5. Randy Jackson says:

    yo dawg, you shoulda saved this for april fools

  6. Porphy's Attorney says:

    I was barrel roll’d!

  7. skylien says:

    I can’t help it but I am pretty sure this is circular reasoning…

  8. Matthew Murphy says:

    How did you all coordinate that? Smart guys with too much time on their hands. (Bob being the smartest, of course).

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