18 Feb 2012


Potpourri, Ron Paul, Shameless Self-Promotion 2 Comments

* Walter Block can die now, after this moving tribute from Lew Rockwell.

* What it looks like when Brad DeLong says, “Yeah, I was unfair to Ludwig von Mises.” As an added bonus, the concession was wrung by Gene Callahan! (It’s not April 1, right?)

* A lot of people liked this Tom Woods blog post about people supporting candidates besides Ron Paul.

* Physics geeks should be aware that there are a lot of cool videos of Richard Feynman on YouTube. I just stumbled across them recently.

* I think this news from Europe totally vindicates my recent Mises Circle talk about the bankers overriding sovereignty in the continent.

* Brian Doherty apparently thinks he’s doing me favors by shining a spotlight on yet another article where I warned of the inflationary wolf. (I give my excuses in the comments of this post.)

2 Responses to “Potpourri”

  1. Joseph Fetz says:

    To be honest, Gene is usually pretty good when it comes to Mises. I have found that Gene usually goes after the libertarian economists more than the classical liberal economists. I don’t know what his personal feelings are regarding Austrian economics as a whole, but it is quite clear that Gene rejects libertarianism outright (esp. Rothbardianism).

  2. Beefcake the Mighty says:

    Here’s something funny:


    Didn’t LK cut-and-paste this exact same set of data (which he apparently cribbed from a Bruce Bartlett op-ed piece) a few weeks ago here, only then claimed that “4” was a reasonable value for the multiplier, instead of “3” now? (Nice to see O’Driscoll slap him down on bringing up state and local spending.)

    LK is a total tool.

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