27 Feb 2012

Insider Trading Bask

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Any examples of clearly absurd prosecutions for “insider trading”? I’m going on John Stossel’s show and that might come up.

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  1. Nikolaj says:

    Mike Milken.

  2. Tho says:

    Not that I am typically for defending politicians, but the investigation of Spencer Bachus is pretty silly.

  3. Ash says:

    Does Michael Milken’s $200 million in fines and $400 million in restitution count?


  4. Blackadder says:

    This case seems to qualify: In Carpenter v. United States, the Supreme Court upheld the conviction of a journalist for insider trading based on the fact that he told people what he would be saying in his columns before they were published, even though the columns themselves contained no inside information:


  5. Mark Priddy says:

    How about Martha Stewart’s prosecution?

  6. Dan (DD5) says:

    They are all absurd. They must be all be absurd if no real crime was committed, right?

  7. Tony Garcia says:

    Martha Stewart was prosecuted and jailed for lying to the feds while under investigation for insider trading, they didn’t have enough evidence to get her on insider trading.

  8. Michael says:

    Tony, I don’t understand why she then said anything to the Feds. Isn’t she allowed to plead the Fifth and remain silent? Why respond at all to any questions?

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