28 Dec 2011

That’s Gotta Hurt!, 2011 Edition

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As the clock winds down, we’ve narrowed this year’s contest for “That’s Gotta Hurt!” blog responses to two individuals, David R. Henderson and Steve Landsburg. Let’s review their displays of rapier wit:

* On December 27 Henderson wrote a blog post complaining about an advocacy group’s false claim regarding Kim Kardashian’s taxes. The entire post was dedicated to Henderson showing, step by step, that no possible interpretation of the group’s claim could be correct. The first commenter, Sol, asked, “Could [their figure] be solely referring to percentage points of Cal. state income taxes?” Henderson replied, “@Sol, To get an answer to your question, read my post.” Ouch! That’s Gotta Hurt!

* On December 19 Landsburg criticized an op ed that (standup economist) Yoram Bauman had written for the NYT. In the comments, Bauman tried to defend himself. Landsburg replied: “Yoram: I do prefer to avoid vitriol (and as I think you know, there’s much about you that I admire). But it’s impossible for me to comment honestly on your piece without saying that I think it’s idiotic.” Yikes! Say it with me, everybody: That’s Gotta Hurt!

You need to submit your vote before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. Remember, you are voting for your favorite That’s Gotta Hurt! blog response. It doesn’t disqualify a contestant if you point out that his overall position is incorrect. Furthermore, we are not here considering comments left by others on a blog. No, this is a blog host responding to a comment. Please keep your categories straight.

4 Responses to “That’s Gotta Hurt!, 2011 Edition”

  1. Andy says:

    Not even close. Landsburg takes it.

  2. David R. Henderson says:

    I agree with Andy. But thanks for the nomination, I think. I actually didn’t mean to hurt his feelings. That was my frustration that Sol obviously hadn’t read it.

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