10 Dec 2011


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* I was hired to evaluate the budget numbers in this novel. I thought they were too optimistic, which the author was glad to hear.

* Carlos Lara and I did a radio show in Vegas, baby. Topic: Our book.

* This year I have two separate nominations up (here and here) for “Funniest Geek Econ Blog Comment of 2011.” I don’t expect to win it; the judges have a grudge against the South. It’ll go to a blogger from New York or LA, I bet.

* On the whole David Warsh Hayek thing, Bob Wenzel has a very interesting take. He dug up previous things Warsh has written that might surprise you, given his newfound opinion of Hayek’s importance. (If anyone cares, my own views on the subject are closest to Mario Rizzo’s. This whole thing to me, is like arguing that the “Jedi vs. Sith lord” thing is a big myth. Sure, the Jedi once used to have some influence, having an official council and dozens of members. But they embarrassed themselves in Episode III, in which their leader Yoda fled into exile and from that point on they were virtually extinguished. I mean, does the modern Death Star have anything to do with the schematics that Mace Windu came up with? I doubt it. If you want to say Jabba the Hut–who lies outside the sphere of influence of the Emperor–was somehow influenced by the Jedi, OK I’ll listen to that argument, but that’s really the only leg you have to stand on.)

4 Responses to “Potpourri”

  1. Daniel Kuehn says:

    Wait a minute – you guys are the bad guys. you can’t be the jedi.

    • Bob Murphy says:

      We’re just trying to bring peace and order to the galaxy, Daniel. Let’s put down this treasonous rebellion.

    • Bharat says:

      Those damn libertarian imperialists!

    • Yosef says:


      The Jedi were the bad guys, don’t you get it?

      Consider, “The Anakin critique of the Jedi Council rings somewhat true (this is from the new movie, alas I cannot say more, but the argument could be strengthened by citing the relevant detail). Aren’t they a kind of out-of-control Supreme Court, not even requiring Senate approval (with or without filibuster), and heavily armed at that? As I understand it, they vote each other into the office, have license to kill, and seek to control galactic affairs. Talk about unaccountable power used toward secret and mysterious ends.” (cf http://marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolution/2005/05/the_public_choi.html)

      Remember also that at the end of the movies the Jedi are all gone, but the Empire survives. The Empire always survives.

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