10 Dec 2011

Outsourcing the Blog to Jon Stewart

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This isn’t so much funny as clever. (If you don’t understand the Costanza part, speak up. If no one else can adequately explain, I will swoop in and save the day. Sometimes I don’t know what you kids would do without me.)

Last thing about the blog’s recent hiatus: When I said that I could tell how big a fan someone was, but how many days it took to notice and email me, I didn’t mean that I have a list of everybody and am writing down the date. What I mean is, when the blog was first down, a flurry of people emailed me that day. But then, every day after, I would still get one or two people. Even a full week after it was down, I’d get people saying, “Hey Bob, I tried to visit your blog today and I’m getting this weird message…”

3 Responses to “Outsourcing the Blog to Jon Stewart”

  1. Marc says:

    I am a religious Orthodox Jew and I am extremely supportive of Israel and I support Ron Paul. I was very upset with the RJC. As a matter of fact, I called the RJC and debated the guy for 15 minutes on how wrong it was. I explained to him my views on Israel and proved that I was in fact a lot more supportive of Israel than even he was. Left him feeling quite stupid.

    Bob, I didn’t understand the Costanza part!

  2. Rick Hull says:

    The Costanza part: do you mean that when a comedian has the audience clapping rather than laughing, he has failed? i.e. that he is simply pandering for positive feedback

  3. EB says:

    Your blog was down? I guess this would be group 3.

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