01 Nov 2011

Scott Sumner Is Hot, But Breaks His Own Rule

Federal Reserve, Inflation, Market Monetarism 2 Comments

John Carney is starting to appreciate my fascination with the Bard* from Bentley. Carney reproduces the results a poll apparently suggested by Sumner:

I thought we weren’t using the i-word anymore? No wonder Scott’s policy won–I bet it would get more votes than limiting the unicorn population to 8% growth, too.

* I’m saying Scott can spin an elegant–albeit fictitious–narrative about what happened in the 1930s and 2008. Will you give it to me?

2 Responses to “Scott Sumner Is Hot, But Breaks His Own Rule”

  1. kavram says:

    he broke his own rule twice in one graph!

    I wonder how different it’d look if “none” or “End the Fed!” were options…

  2. Major_Freedom says:

    Ron Paul is in the “Other” category.