11 Nov 2011

Murphy in Michigan

Economics, Shameless Self-Promotion 3 Comments

I am going to hook up with the Energy for America bus tour, as it hits the cities of Midland, Mt. Pleasant, Traverse, and Portage. (Consult the schedule for more specific times.)

BY NO MEANS am I suggesting that people drive a long ways to this thing. My understanding is that a few of us are just going to give quick (like 5 minutes each) pep talks on conventional energy production (we’re for it) and let people sign the bus. But if you’re a huge groupie and you live down the street, come on down. I’ll flex and you can feel my bicep.

(After I do the Saturday events I’ll blog that night from the hotel and give more specifics about how cool or uncool the events are for potential attendees. I think they serve food and drinks but no alcohol.)

3 Responses to “Murphy in Michigan”

  1. Bob Roddis says:

    I note that the tour takes in much of the Dutch-Afrikaner-Republican west side of the state and avoids the progressive-commie SE corner where I live. Probably not a coincidence.

  2. Joseph Fetz says:

    Economic groupies…. who woulda thunk?


  3. Chris K says:

    Yeah, definitely a bit too far for me but best of luck Bob. Take some time to hangout in Traverse if you can it’s a great city.