31 Oct 2011

Spreading the Love: Wenzel and Gordon Edition

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I loved the first Cars movie because I could really identify with Lightning McQueen’s narcissism. In an effort to combat that, let me point you to two other people’s ventures to spread the word on the dangers of the State:

==> Robert Wenzel’s first podcast is up. He’s got a funky beat and a professional announcer in the beginning. He is in this for the long haul.

==> David Gordon is teaching a Mises Academy class on the truth behind America’s various wars. If you’re in the camp that thinks, “Sure the politicians are a bunch of liars when it comes to helping the poor through food stamps and housing projects, but the military really does spread freedom around the world,” then you should definitely check this class out. (I’m not making fun of you, by the way: I used to hold such a view. Big Government was bad, except when it was blowing up foreigners.)

6 Responses to “Spreading the Love: Wenzel and Gordon Edition”

  1. Joseph Fetz says:

    That IS a pretty cool, jazzy groove at the beginning of Wenzel’s show, isn’t it? This is new territory for Bob, so it will only get better as time progresses with regard to both the show’s production value and entertainment value. He’s doing a lot of this on his own which is a lot to take on, so he is fortunate that he has many like-minded friends to help him out at this early stage.

    Gordon’s class should be interesting. Gordon is such an intellectual polymath that he should be able to knock this one out of the park from every conceivable angle. Looking forward to it.

  2. Bharat says:

    I honestly thought Wenzel was just making a parody of Peter Schiff’s show because of the almost-identical porn music intro, but I guess he’s being serious?

    • Joseph Fetz says:

      It ain’t porn music if it doesn’t have the waka/jawaka guitar (i.e. wah guitar). To be honest, his intro music reminded me more of either Herbie, MMW or some early JFJO (in the Reed Mathis days).

  3. Tony Hoffer says:

    Already signed up.. cant wait..Unfortunately my work schedule wont let me listen to a couple nights live… Im glad the Academy offers downloads to those signed up .. makes viewing review easy.

  4. Giovanni P says:

    I really like that spirit of “travel by travelling, forget the destination” from Cars.