22 Sep 2011

The Final Installment of Man, Economy, and State

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Still in Europe, so posting will be sparse until next week. In the meantime, have you ever seen such enthusiasm from me?

I’ve enjoyed teaching all of my online Mises Academy classes, but I have never been more excited than I am to teach the upcoming class Money, Monopoly, and Market Intervention. This course covers the final three chapters in Murray Rothbard’s classic treatise Man, Economy, and State. It is hands-down the most “fun” section of Rothbard’s book, and I know fans of the Austrian School will love walking through his brilliant analysis step by step.

6 Responses to “The Final Installment of Man, Economy, and State

  1. zee says:

    1st comment – my victory of the day

    • zee says:

      also, now you’ve set a high standard for yourself. next time, people will be expecting nothing less

  2. Joseph Fetz says:

    MES is a fantastic treatise, and is the one that turned me from a conservative, to a classical liberal, to a minarchist, and then finally to a anarcho-capitalist; all in one reading. It is the reason that I say, “it is extremely hard to be a statist after having read Rothbard”. Sure, I am not the first or only one to have said that, but that is how it went.

    I own a great many books, all of which have made an impact upon my worldview, but MES(w/ P&M) is probably the only book that I have ever gone out of my way in order to purchased it as a gift for others. The funny thing is that while the recipients of such gift gave the standard, “thank you”, all of them eventually replied back within a few months to give a real “thank you”.

    I’d trade a REAL “thank you” over that of a salutational gesture any day….

  3. A. Reddy says:

    Will the Mises academy be offering the first and second MES class again, soon?

    • Bob Murphy says:

      Definitely again, but I don’t know how soon. Maybe not until 2013.

  4. Bob Roddis says:

    I was a Marxist democratic socialist when my professor exposed me to the then free-standing “Power and Market” in 1973. Before being convinced by its arguments, I realized what boobs the “progressives” were because not a single one could comprehend the concepts of autistic, binary and/or triangular intervention. To this day, they cannot differentiate between free market activities and intervention at all (which is probably the source of their great success). Think MMTers.

    As a bonus, we read “Politics in Plural Societies” by Shepsle and Rabushka which effectively shows that democratic socialism in multi-ethnic societies leads to one party rule, generally by the largest ethnic group (think Rwanda).


    Neither the “progressives” nor our present day red-state fascists can comprehend that. But democratic socialism is what our soldiers are spreading on “good days” in the third world.