26 Sep 2011

Short Clip on Solyndra

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I’d like to say I had a lot of input into this video, but alas my colleagues at IER did it all on their own. I had suggested that I take my shirt off and do an impression of Joe Biden while standing in the bathroom. But they thought it would be too esoteric for our target audience.

8 Responses to “Short Clip on Solyndra”

  1. AP Lerner says:

    How come the Bush adminstrations role in this nonsense is not mentioned in this video? Convenient the IER leaves out that little fact…

    • Nope says:

      How come the Bush adminstrations role in this nonsense is not mentioned in this video?

      Yeah, how come the makers of the video didn’t include criticism of the Bush administration when the topic is actions of the Obama adminstration? That is standard operating procedure, isn’t it? If Obama admin does something bad, then include something Bush did wrong so as to prevent partisanship. I am sure that you will be all over liberals post-2012 when they blame the next Republican administration for something they did, but fail to blame the Obama admin in some way too.

      I’ll hold my breath.

  2. Joseph Fetz says:


    If you do it once or twice, it’s funny. Any more than that and you’ll get nothing but a typecast.

    Basically, if you take your shirt off in front of the cameras one more time (or, possibly you could pull it as far as two or three more times), then that is who you’ll become to the world of opinion. You’ll be the naked economist, or the shirtless economist, or some stupid junk like that. You don’t want that….

    I am not saying this because I simply don’t want to see your shirtless body again- well, that might be part (ahem, majority) of it-I am saying this as a concerned observer. Though, I must admit, that an impression of Joe Biden while shirtless in the bathroom would probably be comedy gold…… hold on.

    Well, doggonit! I think that I just made myself come around.

    Bob, I just changed my mind. Your first priority should be to give a theatrical impression of a shirtless Joe Biden in the bathroom. Do it! Do it now!!!


  3. Silas Barta says:

    Wow, this is a good propaganda piece!

  4. Tel says:




    What’s this about Bush and Solyndra? G.W. Bush the guy from the oil family? The G. W. Bush that never believed in Global Warming? The Bush that was best buddies with the house of Saud? That Bush? He decided to put all the US taxpayer money into solar energy research… sheesh, if I was down to my last two braincells I’d not believe that.

    Like go and abuse Bush all you like, abuse him for starting wars in the Middle East, abuse him for undermining the freedom of his own people, but this Solyndra thing Obama can own all for himself.

    • AP Lerner says:

      This is actually false. Bush was just as involved w/ Solyndra. Obama just did it publicly. Both were wrong.

      Of course, the point of my post was not to relitigate the Bush years, it was to show the selective bias of both Mr. Murphy, and the IER.

  5. TokyoTom says:

    Bob, Obama of course deswerves criticism for Solyndra.

    But please point me to all the pieces that IER has done criticizing the BP or the MMS over OCS lease sales, Fed and state ownership of oilg gas, coal and other minerals, the licensing of pollution under the Clean Air Act, or public utility monoplies generally.

    Your buddies, Rob included have hardly a libertairian bone in their bodies that hasn’t been bought by crony capitalists.

    They pay you too, right?



    • MamMoTh says:

      Yes, they pay him too.

      But Bob never takes government money. He only takes it from those crony capitalists that get it from the government.