02 Sep 2011

European Budget Bask

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For my class on the sovereign debt crisis, I’d like to look at the budgets (absolute money units of both expenditures and receipts, not just deficits as % of GDP) over the last few years from the PIIGS. Any ideas on where I can get this stuff, besides wading through the websites of the various governments? (I tried that for Spain, for example. Although their latest budget has an English pdf, the earlier years don’t–or at least I can’t find them. And no hablo espanol.)

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  1. Joseph Fetz says:

    As far as online sources, all that I can think of is europa.eu.

    • Joseph Fetz says:

      Sorry, I should mention that while that website is quite a labyrinth to navigate, I am often surprised by the economic data that they offer. But, I am sure that you have been there and know the tedious task of finding what you’re looking for. Somehow, I don’t think that it was an accident.

      • MamMoTh says:

        Never underestimate incompetence. But it’s true, they have an amazing set of data if you are not looking for anything in particular. A random search is pretty much the best heuristic to find what you are looking for,

      • MamMoTh says:

        Anyway, Murphy asked where, not how.

        • Joseph Fetz says:

          Well, geez. I guess I am crazy. Not only do I slap him with the “where”, but I also, real crazy-like, follow up with the “how”. Pfft! What is coming to this world?

          You really need to remove the stick from the orifice.

          • bobmurphy says:

            I could be wrong, but I think he was engaging in whimsy (on that one).

            • Joseph Fetz says:

              it is always hard to tell with him, Bob.

  2. MamMoTh says:


    • Joseph Fetz says:

      Ah, yes! That is the name of that portal on europa.eu.


  3. Aristos says:

    Hablo algo de español, por lo que encontrar algo. Voy a tratar de ayudar.

  4. Martin says:

    Have a look at the statistical data warehouse at the ECB. They have basically everything for the euro area and for the euro area countries individually. http://sdw.ecb.europa.eu/home.do

    I believe however that this is nearly exactly what you’re looking for: http://www.ecb.europa.eu/stats/gov/html/dashboard.en.html

  5. Marco says:

    I found the data for Italy 1980-2010 on this webpage:
    http://www.istat.it/it/archivio/37410 (it’s our national bureau of statistics)
    You can download the file here (http://www.istat.it/it/files/2011/09/tavole1.zip?title=Conti+delle+amministrazioni+pubbliche+-+02%2Fset%2F2011+-+Tavole.zip)

    Now.. the data is in Italian and very detailed but I think you’re looking for
    Tavola 11 (basically it’s the budget using the accounting rules of the European Commission)
    row 14 “Spese Totali” –> Government total expenditures
    row 23 “Entrate totali” –> Government total revenues

    On rows 7 and 17 you find spending and revenues using our national accounting rules)

    On rows 27 to 31 there’s the percentage on GPD. Basically when you read “Schema semplificato a due sezioni” it’s Italian accounting rules, when you’re read “regolamento CE N….” it’s European Commission accounting rules

  6. jjoxman says:

    I used the ECB data that Martin indicates to generate the data for the graphs in these two blog posts (yes, I’m using Prof. Murphy’s blog to advertise my own. But it’s relevant!)



  7. Steve says:

    Try Eurostat — it’s easier to navigate and download in Excel

    Total general government revenue
    Total general government expenditure

  8. Steve says:

    Sorry — here’s where you can select the data in local currency —

    Government revenue, expenditure and main aggregates