08 Sep 2011

Another Screen Shot, Please

Federal Reserve, Humor 8 Comments

Can someone capture this headline before they fix it?

Thanks to Taylor Conant:

8 Responses to “Another Screen Shot, Please”

  1. Bala says:

    If I know the Times of India well, this is going to stay right there for a long, long time. So, don’t worry about getting a snapshot.


  2. AC says:

    You have a Mac, right? For future reference, hit shift-cmd-4 and use the pointer to select the part you want for a screenshot

    • joshua says:

      One of my favorite little things about Macs… WIth the use of three buttons and a mouse click-drag I can complete the Windows equivalent of Print Screen, open Paint, Ctrl-V, scissors tool, drag and copy, new Paint file, Ctrl-V, save as image.

      • ListenEllipse says:

        Not to start a Mac vs Windows battle here, but Windows has much better tools than Paint for dealing with images. Paste into IrfanView and you can crop, resize, and save to a dozen different formats (with all sorts of saving options too).

        • joshua says:

          I don’t care what the progam is. The point of the Mac shortcut is that you don’t have to open a program at all – just press three buttons, click and drag a window on your screen, and let go, and you’ve got a custom cropped image file created on your desktop.

          I know there are more efficient ways to do different things in each operating system, and I use them both extensively, but when it comes to immediately creating a cropped image of a screenshot at any time, the Mac shortcut is hands-down far more efficient than opening and closing any program in Windows (unless there’s a similar Windows shortcut I am unaware of). Now if you want more options, sure, that’s why there’s a market for these things 🙂

    • bobmurphy says:

      Ah you have taught me to fish…

  3. joshua says:

    If more editors would leave letters off of people’s last names, that would stimulate the economy due to the increased demand for other workers to fix them – Paul Krugma

  4. English Bob says:

    I have “frozen” that page: