26 Sep 2011

A Whiny Student

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Once I had a student Stevie Seasburg who slept through intro micro. Then he slept through intro macro. Then he slept through intermediate micro. Then he slept through intermediate macro. In his senior year, as an econ major with a C+ average (he was a very clever kid who could bluff his way through the exams I had to give), he signed up for my elective in Game Theory. Well he got crushed. After he bombed the first test he came into my office complaining, “What are you doing in this class? I can’t even make sense of what you are asking, let alone figure out the answer. I have no experience deciphering ‘utility functions’ and finding ‘equilibria.’ This is so hard!”

I think I should try to dig up Stevie’s contact info, and tell him to begin reading the blog of a prominent economist. It will cheer him up to see a kindred spirit.

One Response to “A Whiny Student”

  1. Silas Barta says:

    I thought you were telling a true story until I saw the link.