05 Sep 2011

A Note on Emails

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A lot of you occasionally send me emails through the blog submission form. That is great, and I welcome them. I read them all too (eventually). But I am in the (un)fortunate position where I just can’t justify using my scarce office time to answer them all.

So, if you send me something (like a link to an article saying, “Bob you gotta blow this guy up!!”) and I don’t answer, it’s not because you sent me something dumb. I mean, perhaps you did send me something dumb, but you shouldn’t conclude as much from my failure to respond.

2 Responses to “A Note on Emails”

  1. Joseph Fetz says:

    I might as well raise my hand as being guilty. Granted, most of my guilt took place during the period of time between when you asked me to write a guest-post and immediately after you put it up, it is still guilt nonetheless. I have pared that back immensely; after having received a few hundred emails just from that single article, I completely understand how you feel. I can only imagine how many you get.

    I am not too much of a pain in the butt when it comes to sending initial emails, it is my followups (that ‘ol reply button) that can be a pain. I took a look at my email account and found that while I may only write one or two emails a week, I end up replying like a banshee. I definitely need to work on that.


    • Joseph Fetz says:

      BTW, that is one or two emails a week in general, not one or two emails a week just to Bob.