12 Aug 2011

The Market for Security

Economics, Insurance, private law, Shameless Self-Promotion 3 Comments

This is actually a pretty good summary of my views on private law and defense, for those who are interested…

3 Responses to “The Market for Security”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Excellent lecture. I had wondered why you don’t vote, but pacifism explains it. But it also implies that you would not attempt to use force to defend yourself or your family if you or they were attacked? I am familiar only with the stereotypes of pacifists, so forgive me if I misstate the case — I’m open to being enlightened on this subject.

  2. Beefcake the Mighty says:

    I’m not.

  3. Waren says:

    Yes this is much more cogent then the video you first posted which ended with your karaoke chanting of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” It left me wondering if your going to start expressing all your views via song.

    As to the talk itself it is true that it would be difficult to attack a prosperous laissze-faire area ( LFA) but as Martin Van Crevald points out in ‘The Rise and Decline of the State’ nations with nuclear weapons are well-nigh uninvadeable. So even a not yet prosperous LFA could defend itself from attacks if it could get it’s hands on some nukes. These days that might not cost a whole lot…

    Even just having electro-magnetic pulse warheads on missiles would make an invasion a very chancy thing given all the ways a modern armed force relies on electronics.