23 Aug 2011

Greenspan Might Be a Little Too Frank

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As longtime readers know, I am fascinated by “conspiracy theories” and cannot rule out the possibility that there is a cabal of lizard people running the world.

Anyway, if the cabal exists, I have to think they are upset at Alan Greenspan’s glibness in this interview. (HT2 EPJ) That’s always gotta be tough, when somebody has served you well for decades, then gets a little cocky and starts shooting his mouth off near his deathbed. (Incidentally, this is why I don’t think Paul Krugman will ever be in the inner circle. He is too pleased with his own wit to be trusted to keep a secret.)

3 Responses to “Greenspan Might Be a Little Too Frank”

  1. Desolation Jones says:

    Then who told Krugman about the upcoming alien invasion?

    • Rick Hull says:

      I don’t find this video too damning. He’s in the “impossible” situation of briefing lawmakers and the public on his plans without tipping his hand regarding concrete policy. Of course, that the situation is “impossible” is evidence that it should never have arisen in the first place. One should question exactly why it is that he ought not to divulge future concrete policy.

  2. WT? says:

    This is nothing new. I remember listening to a BBC radio interview a couple of years ago and he explained his use of fedspeak. He was quite open about it, and frankly, everyone knew at the time that he was being deliberately nebulous. The problem is that markets pay attention to every single word uttered, and react accordingly.