11 Aug 2011

A Web Conference Summarizing the US Economy

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We conceived of this idea earlier in the week, as the market plummeted. The web traffic at Mises.org is through the roof, and we know people are searching about for various perspectives on what the heck is going on.

I will be offering an Austrian (naturally) take on our situation Friday, starting at 6pm Eastern time. It will be a 90-minute live web conference, where I’ll start with a half hour PowerPoint summarizing things. Then I’ll field questions from the live audience for an hour afterward. I won’t be providing specific financial advice, but will give viewers a general view of the scene from an Austrian perspective.

The price is $25.

Sign up here.

5 Responses to “A Web Conference Summarizing the US Economy”

  1. Jargon says:

    Yes, what happening is financial firm like hedge funds are trying to sell, but their volume is so great that they can only do it incrementally. That explains the yo-yo chart formation.

  2. MamMoTh says:

    Good idea! I also offer mystical treatments to people with terminal diseases for which science has no answer. But I charge more than $25.

    • Major_Freedom says:

      That’s the reason they need to be cured by Murphy.

  3. Aristos says:

    I’ll be listening.

  4. Mike Cordon says:

    A web conference on this topic is a splendid idea!

    I’ll be there.

    And thanks in advance to Bob for sharing his take (from the Austrian perspective) of what the hell is going on.

    Danville, CA