27 Jul 2011

Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis

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I was on a panel at FreedomFest offering commentary on this short documentary. I thought it was great. (I was sitting next to Andrew Schiff. Poor guy had a bunch of people come up to him, talking about his brother and his dad.)

9 Responses to “Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis”

  1. Zack A says:

    Amazing film. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mattheus von Guttenberg says:

    Really wonderful job.

  3. Tom says:

    Last time I checked the LVMI doesn’t credit Andrew Schiff with “How an Economy Grows and Why it Crashes”, plus his name is far smaller than his Peters’ on the cover.

  4. Dan says:

    That Schiff kid has got a bright future ahead of him. I bet he will mispredict hyperinflation even more than the old man!

    • bobmurphy says:

      He’s Peter’s brother.

    • Zack A says:

      Just like he mispredicted the housing bubble in 2005

    • gienek says:

      He claims that US will avoid hyperinflation but thank you for spitting nonsense over the web 😉

    • Dan says:

      Hey you’re going to disparage my name on this site with comments like that. I propose a new rule that if you use “Dan” as your name on this site that I have to give approval to the comment before it is sent.

    • RFN says:

      Yeah, he sure screwed up the housing bubble thing didn’t he? The internet is forever, idiot. Give your last name next time, so that I can avoid the taco bell you’re working at, ok.