07 Jul 2011

May Issue of the LMR and Come to the Night of Clarity!

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In the May issue of the Lara-Murphy Report, Carlos and I talk about the Infinite Banking Concept, and we also interview John Papola.

If you’re suitably intrigued, go here to get more details about the Night of Clarity (just about two weeks out!) and/or the Lara-Murphy Report.

9 Responses to “May Issue of the LMR and Come to the Night of Clarity!”

  1. maurizio says:

    Bob, sorry for being off topic: I think it is urgent to make the comments in this blog sortable by date. Currently it is very difficult to follow a conversation which goes on for days: I keep skimming through the old comments over and over, and I struggle to tell the new comments from the old ones.

    To solve the problem, you could use for example http://disqus.com which provides comment sorting and comment editing features.

    • Joseph Fetz says:

      To be honest, Bob’s comments section is far easier to navigate than many other blogs. Sure, the “new posts” function is limited to a few items, but if you already know the topic that you’re interested in, and have already been following the subject matter, then you can easily identify new posts. It essentially follows a more conversational format than a “timestamp” format, which I actually enjoy.

      You give him a proposition to “solve the problem”, yet I don’t see a problem. All posts are in response order, which precludes comment sorting. Further, I don’t think that Bob is the type to edit comments.

      It is not as if Bob spends his life living for his blog; he has kids, a wife, and his job(s). I highly doubt that sitting in front of a computer to learn a new program, or to sort through a bunch of comments (he does get a lot of comments), is something that strikes his fancy. Personally, the only thing that I can see that would improve the comments section is to expand the “recent comments” links to show 10-20 comments. But, that would only be relevant to the commenters opinion, not Bob’s.

      The entire point of a blog is to shine light unto the blogger’s opinion, not that of the commenters. He is more than kind to allow commenters to go on unabated, but to expect him to police and sort comments is asking more than a lot. He’s got a life, too; you know?

  2. Silas Barta says:

    Don’t use Disqus, it’s flaky.

    And boy, I can’t wait to read more about infinite banking! I want to hear more about how I can Fight the Power ™ by buying life insurance from ultra risk-averse companies who invest my money in dollar-denominated ,long-term, fixed-income securities of the government and government-entangled businesses! They must *hate* when we do that!

    • bobmurphy says:

      I don’t see you on the list for the Saturday seminar. Are you using a fake name?

      • Rick Hull says:


        I can see how you easily take out a loan against a whole life policy. Such loans could be used to finance personal or household major purchases. Or is there something else in mind?

        I’m having trouble understanding the major benefits to an individual that this has over, say, a HELOC or a loan secured against a retirement account.

        Can you briefly spell it out for me?

        • Silas Barta says:

          The advantage is that a bank doesn’t have to investigate you to see if you’re worth a HELOC; your life insurer would give you whatever you want up to your cash value.

        • bobmurphy says:

          Rick, did you read the article? That’s exactly what I was trying to explain. (There are tax differences too, but that’s harder to explain.)

  3. Subhi Andrews says:

    I had a question about Keynes statement about “Comprehensive socialization of investment”. What does this mean?

    Here is what happened in class

    Bob, Daniel et al. What’s your take?

  4. Sean Duffy says:

    This IBC business is highly problematic, unless one begins with a large cash premium and never needs to borrow more than the combined premium and CV.