11 Jul 2011

Talk on Economics to The Delphian School

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On November 12, 2010 I gave a talk to The Delphian School, a boarding school in Oregon which was an extraordinary thing to behold. I couldn’t believe how mature the students were, and non-traditional the schooling environment was.

This is a fairly unique talk, so you might have this play in the background since I cover some things I normally don’t. It’s also a good gateway drug for your co-worker who is vaguely interested in free-market economics but needs a little push.

6 Responses to “Talk on Economics to The Delphian School”

  1. John Becker says:

    Great talk as always. On a side note, the Great Insane One is back in business with his effect equals cause economics. When is the next Sumner smackdown coming? I tried asking him on his blog how he knows cause and effect and the guy just told me to read A Monetary History of the US.

  2. Mattheus von Guttenberg says:

    I could see that you were hesitant to tell a bunch of high schoolers that you favor “zero” government intervention (aka, market anarchy).

    I’m sure I would feel the same way. Your talk was very informative, but immediately upon hearing those words they would probably think your lecture was worthless.

    • yahya says:

      maybe, but these kids are supposed to be more open minded or something i thought

    • bobmurphy says:

      The kids were fine with it–I talked with them later in a smaller setting. I’m not saying they all agreed with me, just that it didn’t freak them out. I didn’t want the adults to cut my mic.

  3. Jack says:

    About 4:50-5:30 – labor is not the same as labor time (as every engineer knows – did Adam Smith knew that too?).

  4. Dave B says:

    That was a great talk you gave to the students. I thoroughly enjoy your lectures.