06 Jun 2011

Tom Woods Hits It Out of the Park

Foreign Policy 8 Comments

Several people had been praising this particular speech, and I thought, “Great, so Tom gave a good speech. He always gives good speeches. Why would I bother listening to this one?” Well I’m glad I did, and not just because he talks about me in the beginning.

All joking aside, this gets really awesome by the end. If you’ve got 48 minutes, I highly recommend it.

8 Responses to “Tom Woods Hits It Out of the Park”

  1. Gene Callahan says:

    In the still shot he looks like Mussolini giving a speech.

    • Avram says:
      • Nicholas Glenn says:

        Mussolini looks like Robert Duvall in that picture.

    • david (not henderson) says:

      I am trying to remember if “fascist!” was one of the zombie’s one-word responses.

      • Austro-Libertarian says:

        Nope, he only used “neoconfederate”, “slavery”, “Hitleer!”, “Hitler?”, and “racism!”

  2. Dan says:

    I was there for that speech. The whole crowd was energized by it. I thought it was his best he’s ever given.

  3. Joseph Fetz says:

    Yes, toward the end you can see that Tom just says to himself “screw it, I am going to just say what I really feel”. It looked like he surprised himself and got shaken up a little. Definitely a great speech.

  4. Blackadder says:

    Caught the last ten minutes or so. Very impressive. Made me want to go out and buy some more of his books.