27 Jun 2011

Ron Paul on Glenn Beck

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Glenn Beck further praises Ron Paul. This is really significant, not because Glenn Beck’s opinion matters per se, but because it is a signal of how much the climate has changed among self-described conservatives. (HT2 Jessica Belle on FB)

15 Responses to “Ron Paul on Glenn Beck”

  1. Sandre says:

    I just watched Newt on Hannity. He wants to audit the Fed, wants to remove banking regulatory powers to Treasury.

    • Sandre says:

      The only programs I watch on TV are “Stossel” & “The Office”. I just happened to get home early, flipping through channels, and was amazed to hear those words come out of Gingrich’s mouth.

  2. ListenEllipse says:

    Can someone please send Beck a copy of Democracy: The God that Failed? It is not that the American people became un-virtuous and un-moral then the American Republic became corrupted. The American Republic (aka democracy) corrupted the virtuous and moral American people.

    We didn’t fail the founding fathers, the founding fathers failed us.

  3. nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney baldwin says:

    Covering up the truth about 11 SEP 01
    is considered a key security issue
    for the State of Israel.

    Glenn Beck

  4. GSL says:

    Something something broken clock something twice a day something something.

  5. George Washington says:

    Mr. Paul has a strong ground game, early successful fund raisers, high profile legislative endorsements, GOP fellow candidates who literally are echoing Mr. Ron Paul’s stead fast platform, supporters not only from 1 “party” but supporters who are democratic, libertarian, republican, and all others. Most importantly, all those people who feel kind of “snowed over” by all the failed campaign promises of Mr. Obama, realize now that ideology and rhetoric never supersedes substance and track record. Walk the walk and talk the talk. Mr. Ron Paul does just that.

  6. Andy says:

    Beck actually made a legitimate point regarding the big foundations (Rockefeller, ford, Carnegie, ect). In the 1950’s these foundations were heavily funding socialism in the US through the school system ect. However what I think Beck misses is the fact that these foundations were also being supported and subsidized by the government. Interesting stuff to think about.

    Really I mean in a free society, what would stop multi millionaires from funding schools with pro socialist literature and recruiting socialist professors? Nothing, and as long as the schools were private people could voluntarily opt out of going to them.

  7. Bob Roddis says:

    If Ron Paul is going to spend another $25-$30 million dollars, he’d better make sure that most Amuricans understand that inflation is caused by “the printing money by The Ben Bernank”, money dilution, keystrokes to accounts, or whatever you want to call it. I don’t think they will ever understand the term “malinvestment” until they realize that there is no debate about what causes inflation. It’s not “just one of those things”, a force of nature. The Fed causes inflation by creating money out of nothing. We know this. The rabble just do not. Once they understand it, the Keynesians are doomed. They will be chased out of Dodge tarred and feathered.

    There is nothing wrong with a little talk about malinvestments but Ron is talking to an audience that probably can’t find Kansas on a map. Start with the basics.

    Further, you can’t understand Beck’s concern about Israel without watching the creepy former IRS prosecutor Bachmann:


    • Joseph Fetz says:

      Bob, people like me and you are the ones that break it down for those that we know. It is hilarious, I have converted my own 61 year old mother to libertarianism. I know, she is about your age, but she had never once given any thought to political philosophy or economics until a few years ago, now she is shooting out emails to all of her 5 sisters, people at work, and all of the other “yentas” out there. Trust me, I figure that I am batting a thousand with that crowd, and they are relentless at getting the word out (esp. with the internet).

      But, I have also made some headway with my friends; military, veteran, and childhood friends. Sure, not everybody knows what RP means by malinvestment, or what the real implications of what he says about inflation and currency debasement, but they are sure catching on. I think that it is upon us to get them up to speed. RP got a ton of people (including myself) interested in economics, now it is up to us to get the movement going. Remember, there is still another year and a third before the ballots get cast.

      BTW, that video that you posted was on Wendel’s site the other day (I left a few comments). In fact, she has now unlisted it from the youtube search function, so you can only view it if you have the link. While I am certainly not a nationalist, I find it entirely repulsive that a person seeking the office of President of the United States would show that they hold higher allegiance to a foreign nation than they do to their own nation.

      It’s funny that she says that “most Americans” agree that our primary goal should be Israeli strength. Sorry, I know a lot of Jews, and most of them think that the Christian Right and Michele Bachmann are entirely meshuggah. In fact, anytime that Bachmann’s name comes up, all that I hear is, “Gutinue! Don haken a chainik. She’s gembeh goyim shmoiger”. Basically, that is Yiddish for “Bachmann is full of crap”.

      • Bob Roddis says:

        I still think he should always quickly say, “You know, inflation is caused by the Federal Reserve. We wouldn’t have inflation without the Federal Reserve. How can you expect anyone to know what anything is worth or how to invest long term with the Fed diluting the money supply in an illegal and unconstitutional manner?” And then proceed as normal.

        The TV host will probably want to argue the point and we can then post the youtube and make sport of that host.

      • Bob Roddis says:

        I still want giant billboards that read:


        I suppose the “you cement-heads” part is negotiable.

  8. Bob Roddis says:

    I think it’s best to assume that the audience for your ABCT explanation is as well-read as Kelly Pickler:


    Of course, you have the MMTers who go “Law of Scarcity? Is that a law”?

    • MamMoTh says:

      Not in Europe, no one gets hungry in that country.

      • Bob Roddis says:

        That’s because they are real good with that French cooking.

  9. Joseph Fetz says:

    Ugh!!! You had to pull out the Pickler, didn’t you? Man, it looks like I am now back at square one.

    Damn you, Bob Roddis!!!! You flushed my optimist hopes into the turmoil of raw sewage and I don’t know if I can ever come back.

    I guess that we’ll have to work on the smart ones… Or, at the very least, the halfway conscious. (looking around to and fro) Crap, we’re screwed.