30 Jun 2011


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* A pretty scary excerpt from New Orleans’ mayor Ray Nagin’s account of how private security forces tried to take over operations after Katrina struck.

* Gene Callahan reminds us of this gem from Ann Coulter:

Democrats are channeling their frustration with America’s imminent military victory in Afghanistan into hysterical opposition to reasonable national security measures at home. (Incidentally, this ought to prove once and for all what a bunch of paper tigers the Russians are. What were they doing over there for 10 years? It hasn’t taken us 10 weeks.) Ann Coulter, November 29, 2001

(BTW, read the whole article if you want to get a good chuckle. Coulter’s making it sounds as if Chuck Schumer invented the idea of consulting Congress before going to war.)

* A tear-jerker story about a kid who died on a missions trip and his last wish.

* An absolutely FANTASTIC article by Anthony Gregory on “Why the Left Fears Libertarianism.” This article (a) makes a great case that I hadn’t considered before, (b) is packed with a bunch of facts, not just broad rhetorical flourishes, and (c) is very eloquent, even stirring at times. An excerpt that doesn’t do it justice:

But Barack Obama is really what has made the left-liberal illusion fold under the weight of its own absurdity. Here we had the perfect paragon of left-liberal social democracy. He beat the centrist Hillary Clinton then won the national election. He had a Democratic Congress for two years. He had loads of political capital by virtue of following a completely failed and unpopular Republican administration. The world welcomed him. The center cheered him. And what did he do?

He shoveled money toward corporate America, banks and car manufacturers. He championed the bailouts of the same Wall Street firms his very partisans blamed for the financial collapse. He picked the CEO of General Electric to oversee the unemployment problem. He appointed corporate state regulars for every major role in financial central planning. After guaranteeing a new era of transparency, he conducted all his regulatory business behind a shroud of unprecedented secrecy. He planned his health care scheme, the crown jewel of his domestic agenda, in league with the pharmaceutical and insurance industries.

He continued the war in Iraq, even extending Bush’s schedule with a goal of staying longer than the last administration planned. He tripled the U.S. presence in Afghanistan then took over two years to announce the eventual drawdown to bring it back to only double the Bush presence. He widened the war in Pakistan, launching drone attacks at a dizzying pace. He started a war on false pretenses with Libya, shifting the goal posts and doing it all without Congressional approval. He bombed Yemen and lied about it.

He enthusiastically signed on to warrantless wiretapping, renditioning, the Patriot Act, prison abuse, detention without trial, violations of habeas corpus, and disgustingly invasive airport security measures. He deported immigrants more than Bush did. He increased funding for the drug war in Mexico. He invoked the Espionage Act more than all previous presidents combined, tortured a whistleblower, and claimed the right to unilaterally kill any U.S. citizen on Earth without even a nod from Congress or a shrug from the courts.

The left-liberals who stand by this war criminal and Wall Street shill have made their choice: better to have the militarism and police state, so long as it means a little more influence over domestic politics, even if that too is compromised by corporate interference, than it is to embrace a radical antiwar agenda that might complicate their domestic aspirations.


4 Responses to “Potpourri”

  1. JimS says:

    You believe this account about Nagin in NO? Perhaps a better question; you believe anything that comes out of Nagin’s mouth? I am certain Nagin’s story is 100% false. Numerous laws violated and no arrests? Offenses against the highest ranking official in the city and no arrests? No idea who it was roaming around the command center? Even for the inept NOPD this is pretty lame.


  2. Cody says:

    They were dressed in black combat suits and carrying at least two large handguns each…

    At least? How many hands did they each have?

    And why were scary Blackwater guys bugging Ray’s office? Did the mayor or anyone on his staff ever think to ask to see identification or authenticate orders?

    That’s okay, though. The 20 scary Blackwater spies (each with his own panoply of large handguns) were swiftly stopped by the mayor’s intrepid technology director, who I can only surmise used his weeping crane kung fu to roundhouse kick their weapons and spy equipment into the French quarter.

    Dr Murphy, do you really think this story is scary because of the evil guys in combat suits?

    Or were you being facetious and talking about how scary it is a major city can have a mayor as fumbling and 4-year-old dishonest as Nagin?

    I mean, how scary can ‘evil Blackwater agents in combat gear’ be if the technology director brought them up in a round turn by being stubborn?

    Yeah, look out for those guys. They will mess you up.

    Unless you admonish them sternly not to.

    And what were they there to spy on? The incredible job Ray was doing administrating NO?

  3. Cody says:



    I guess your argument is that as we can see on the video, someone somewhere in the world once drove a car around town shooting at the fronts of people’s cars.

    And that those people documented doing so with a video camera.

    And then they gave that video to someone else, who posted it online titled “Blackwater mercenaries shooting at unarmed civilians”.

    Well, my argument is wholly undone.

    What can there be left to say?

    It’s as though you put me in the room with Mayor Nagin as the Blackwater commandos stormed his command center, large handguns aplenty in tow, attempted to install sophisticated spying equipment in front of everyone there, and then retreated in confusion when his tech director got huffy.

    It’s like I saw it with my own eyes.

    Truly, I am convinced.