07 Jun 2011

Porc Fest: It’s on Like Donkey Kong

Shameless Self-Promotion 18 Comments

OK I just bought my plane tickets so it’s official: I’ll be at “Porc Fest” from Wednesday the 22nd through Sunday. Details of the event are here. I am doing (I think) at least one event per day, and I believe karaoke night is Wednesday. I hear Dan D’Amico, Roderick Long, and Stefan Molyneux will also be there. (I’m going to try to interest them in a Bible study.)

So come on up before we all go to jail. It will be a story for your grandkids.

18 Responses to “Porc Fest: It’s on Like Donkey Kong”

  1. gifry says:

    Bob, did you read Molyneux’s “Universally Preferable Behaviour: – A Rational Proof of Secular Ethics”?

  2. Gene Callahan says:

    It doesn’t bother you even a wee bit to be appearing on the same stage as Stefan Molyneux, a radically anti-Christian cult leader? Is reducing tax rates really that much more important to you than Christ’s message?

    • Joseph Fetz says:

      Hmm? Did you ever consider that Bob may actually be a libertarian and all that that entails? Maybe that never crossed your mind, Gene.

    • ListenEllipse says:

      That’s the price you pay for Liberty, you have to live with people who have different views than you.

      • MamMoTh says:

        Even with MMTers! Bloody liberty…

    • Argosy Jones says:

      ….anti-Christian cult…

      Gene, you should be aware that Bob is actually also associated with the Mises Institute, along with Molyneux.

    • Sandre says:

      Are you that intolerant, Gene? If Molyneux is a cult leader, what are you doing to save his sheep?

    • Sandre says:

      These personal attacks on people associated with LvMI is one of the reasons why I think you are bitter. Why would you personally attack most people at LvMI, if you weren’t bitter? I have seen you do this against Woods, Tucker, etc. I don’t know the politics, and I don’t know who is right or who is wrong, but this animosity doesn’t reflect well on you!

    • RG says:

      You’re incorrectly using the word radically.

    • Daniel G. says:

      Molyneux is a cult leader?!? Please do explain.

    • Jon O. says:

      Apparently the Christian cultists don’t like any competition.

    • Gene Callahan says:

      I apologize for my remark. I should not have said this. My only excuse is that I had been out celebrating the Mavericks win… but that’s not a very good excuse!

      • bobmurphy says:

        I forgive you, but Stefan is under no such imperative.

      • von Pepe says:

        I did not know Gene was such a big Mavericks fan. Or, is he really just fan of beer?

  3. RG says:

    “The best speakers in the liberty movement will be lending their ideas to PorcFest attendees all day. Ever wanted to see superstars like…Robert Murphy?”

    Sometimes, when I get nervous, I stick my hands under my armpits and than I smell them like this

    • Avram says:

      For all I know that might be a smear attack, but that article sure did want to make me throw something at Molyneux.

  4. Jan says:

    I don’t think Free Domain Radio is a cult and Stefan is a nice and thoughtful fellow, but it is funny that he thinks one should renounce all people that do not support the non-aggression principle, but has no problem appearing on the state propaganda channel Russia Today funded by the theft of the Russian people.