08 Jun 2011

Police Don’t Want You Filming Them Filling a Car With Bullets

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I have no idea what the context is for the initial shooting, but Tony sends along this story:

After a horrific shootout on the streets of Miami, Narces Benoit and his girlfriend witnessed the finale: police firing a barrage of rounds into a man’s car. Narces recorded it. The police smashed his phone. But first? Hidden SD card.

The horrendous sidewalk firefights took place over Memorial Day, leaving officers and pedestrians alike injured. Narces had an HTC EVO with him, the Miami Herald reports, which he used to film police killing a suspect in his car, after which he says cops pulled guns on him for recording the incident. The video cuts off before the rest of his allegations—that he and his girlfriend were thrown out of their car, and his phone smashed on the street—but everything leading up to that point was saved by some fast thinking. With guns in his face, Narces quickly popped out his phone’s SD card and stuck it in his mouth. With the card intact, the chaotic video above is now spreading across the internet.

I realize this is no matter to joke about, but the opening of this video kept making me chuckle. Apparently Narces is a coroner. (You’ll see what I mean.)

2 Responses to “Police Don’t Want You Filming Them Filling a Car With Bullets”

  1. RS says:

    Interestingly, this occured right around the corner from my office building. The incident is considered par for the course for the Memorial day weekend. There is always some altercation due to the annual “Urban” celebrations, most locals know to stay away from the beach, local businesses, depending on where they are located, either love it or hate it. City officials of course love it for the tax revenue.

  2. Daniel G. says:

    Did anyone see that cop pull a gun (or possibly a taser) on the man who filmed the video? It happened around 1:59.