30 Jun 2011

NPR Podcast on PorcFest

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I can’t believe I missed my chance to be on NPR… I heard this guy was walking around, but I never saw him.

Incidentally, George the bacon guy’s food was awesome. But he didn’t insist on silver payment, as the podcast suggests. I paid with FRNs, and so did most other people in line, the 5 times I bought stuff from him.

So basically, the guy’s big critique of PorcFest seems to be completely bogus. Maybe people were playing a joke on the dumb NPR guy? I don’t know.

4 Responses to “NPR Podcast on PorcFest”

  1. Daniel G. says:

    They actually sounded pretty sympathetic. I was surprised.

    • Rick Hull says:

      Yep, he mentions early on that George takes FRNs. But he goes on the silver adventure as fun exercise. His smugness is a bit off-putting, but I can imagine he might have the same complaint.

  2. Nobody says:

    I’ve been listening to NPR: Planet Money podcasts for some time. They are very anti-gold standard, and have done the typical liberal zombie hit jobs on the subject. They just wanted to mock using hard currency, so they created problems which they could attack. I did expect worse from their coverage of Porcfest.

    They bought a $1000 toxic asset, as a tool for instruction about them, lost 55% on the deal. So they took the $449.06 and bought gold, promising to sell it in 6months (praying it was a bubble) a little over 6months later their gold had appreciated, but they had a net loss due to transaction costs, and they went with their piece about the gold bubble anyway.
    Bought gold: http://www.npr.org/blogs/money/2011/02/15/130575234/we-bought-gold?ft=1&f=93559255
    Sold gold: http://www.npr.org/blogs/money/2011/05/20/136403092/the-tuesday-podcast-we-sold-gold?ft=1&f=93559255