02 Jun 2011

Adventures in Wikipedia

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Not sure how long it will stay there, but the entry for “Backwardation” in Wikipedia seems to be OK to me. Yet someone appended in the beginning of the article:

“Backwardation and contango are the opossite [sic–RPM ]of what is being described below. The graph shown is wrong.”

If Goldfingermember* were here, I’m sure he would ask, “Ishn’t zhat weird?”

* Oops I unparodied the parody. If Goldfinger were here, he would probably say, “Is Bond still alive?”

One Response to “Adventures in Wikipedia”

  1. Jon O. says:

    The entry seems OK. I think people might get confused by the idea of “normal backwardation”. I don’t spread comm. futures but whenever I discuss this stuff with other traders we only refer to backwardation / contango in the outright sense(is part of the curve over/under the spot;) the cost of carry is a seperate issue and one that doesn’t concern us since we can’t do an arb at risk-free rates or store/swap the underlying. So, a market could be in contango and normal backwardation at the same time, if the spread is + but < the carrying cost.