19 May 2011

More on the Selling Gold Controversy

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Mish thinks the idea of the government auctioning off its gold is so self-evidently stupid, that he stated with complete confidence that the Sun must have confused Ron Paul with Heritage’s Ron Utt, or it misquoted Paul. There was no other possibility in his mind (read his Addendum).

In contrast, Gary North not only believed that Ron Paul was in favor of the idea, but he endorsed it. (HT2 LRC)

This issue is tough because the government has put us in such a bad situation. As Wenzel said in his can’t-we-all-just-get-along post, there are multiple fronts in the battle for freedom.

One Response to “More on the Selling Gold Controversy”

  1. Strat2131 says:

    I dislike the idea of the government selling gold, to reduce the debt.

    People who own government debt in my opinion are attempting to profit from (and encouraging) the theft of taxpayers funds (in the future.)

    As an analogy, imagine if i funded thousands of assassination operations around the world, ron pauls plan would be for me to get my money back from the assassins because what they are doing is wrong.

    A more suitable idea is for the government to completely walk away from its debts, it was illegitimate to begin with.

    Instead the gold (as well as all other assets) should be liquidated in a transparent (in an orderly fashion) any-one can bid type auction, and used to reverse tax transactions.