20 May 2011

Highway Robbery in Tennessee

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A local liberty activist sent me this a few days ago, and I just got around to watching it. Holy cow, this is worse than I would have thought possible. Trust me, don’t think you’ve seen the worst halfway through it. You need to watch the whole thing, even when the newscasters are talking to each other with 45 seconds to go–keep watching.

29 Responses to “Highway Robbery in Tennessee”

  1. Yancey Ward says:

    Really, on what basis would they not be willing to just take the money in your wallet? If I had roll of gold coins, would that be heisted, too?

    • bobmurphy says:

      What’s really interesting is that this will prevent people from “staying off the grid” in the future, as Big Brother gets stronger. I.e. you can’t even forgo using electronic transactions and dealing in cash, if the cops can just take it from you and say you must be a drug dealer.

  2. David S. says:

    Well, it shouldn’t be surprising that a bunch of hicks in Tennessee would set up a system like this.

    Most southern states should be booted from the union anyway, as most of them are net recipients of federal tax dollars and yet want to eliminate federal transfer payments, which would affect even the more generous liberal states that like such payments. The rest of the red states can follow them out.


    If the wealthier liberal states booted the conservative ones, the latter would shit bricks. They could finally have their conservative Christian social policies and economic extremist libertarianism and live free of all that disgusting socialist money we blue-staters like to pump in. It wouldn’t be long before they started turning blue.

    • bobmurphy says:

      David so you supported the Confederacy? Or do you only want southern states to leave the union if they’re not trying to at the moment?

      • Jon O. says:

        You beat me to it!

        Nowadays It seems like bigotry is only fine if it’s targeted towards Southerners and Arabs/Muslims – kind of ironic considering the former’s view of the latter.

      • David S. says:

        I want the red states gone, period. Those of us in the blue states can have a nice country without a significant portion of the developed world’s most ignorant.

        • Austro-Libertarian says:

          You know, I agree with you. I am sick of all those big cities and blue states and people like YOU that force us who are Liberty-minded to live under a TOTALITARIAN STATE THAT STEALS OUR MONEY, PUSHES US AROUND AS IF WE ARE LITTLE BABIES, CHOKES US WITH REGULATIONS, AND DESTROYS, WEALTH PROSPERITY, AND FREEDOM! TAKE YOUR BLUE STATES, YOU RACIST, AND BACK OFF. I WANT TO SECEDE!

          • Austro-Libertarian says:

            Bob, I kinda lost my head there. Please don’t let that pass muster…

            • bobmurphy says:

              Let’s never forget that for all we know, David S. is a 14-year-old laughing his butt off.

              • Austro-Libertarian says:

                Maybe he’s the guy who busted “Anatomy of the Fed”! David S. = DaveS?

                Dave, in case you are not a 14-year-old laughing your butt off, my apologies (for all we know, you are 15!). I know you’ll understand, though, given all that you post here.

          • bobmurphy says:

            Hey kids let’s settle down. If you have hit the CAPS LOCK button it’s time for a Slurpee run.

            • Austro-Libertarian says:

              So, no more espresso tonight? Rats.

          • David S. says:

            lol Sick of those big cities and blue states. The red states will lose money and when you guys would finish ruining your society for some years, you would end up more socialistic than current blue states. I expect blue states would have advanced as well.

            It’s pretty simple, really. The wealthier a society becomes, the more it can afford to redistribute wealth. The people at the bottom and in the middle will eventually get sick of their increased relative burdens in increasingly wealthier economies and demand their share.

            • Austro-Liberatarian says:


              1) My sincere apologies for my out-of-line post. I should not have yelled at you like that.

              2) On what basis do you say that the red states will lose money?

    • Joseph Fetz says:

      You know, I thought the video was bad enough, but then David had his say. And, boy did he say a mouthful…

      I don’t know what he is smoking, but not all libertarians are Christians (I am not), and certainly not all libertarians agree with conservatives; conservatism is far more reactionary to a period of time rather than having set principles that transcend time.

      In either case, David has certainly “shown his hand” so to speak. He has shown that he is entirely divisive and confrontational, that he does not have any other principles other than standing with his “side” (his team). It really is unfortunate to watch someone show that they are truly a collectivist, who does not see any compassion for the individual, and would rather have a “you’re either with us or against us” attitude. But, it is clear that that is where he stands.

      It seems that David sees humanity in a collectivist nature, where groups of people define the entity, rather than being the individual human beings that they actually are. While I am certainly not a conservative, I still see that David takes great pride in seeing the tyranny posed upon that particular “group”, as he sees it. That, to him it is better that the “other side” of his political framework suffer and live under tyranny rather than think of the plight of his fellow man. He is obviously not concerned about human rights or human life, that much is clear. He can care less about what those people actually have to go through, because to him they are just pieces of the whole (the whole being his enemy).

      I really pity you David, for it seems that you have the blood of a tyrant. I must say that I cannot even begin to understand your position, because I do not share the same mindset with regard to my fellow man. I can only hope that someday you will see the harmoniousness that cooperation between peoples can create. However, I fear that you can care less about that, or anything outside of you “team” winning. You only see “blobs” of humanity, you never see the people.

      It really is sad.

      • Austro-Libertarian says:

        Thank you. Very well said.

      • Austro-Libertarian says:

        Is he smoking something? Pull him over and take his cash…

    • Yancey Ward says:


      It isn’t only states in the south that do this. You get caught with large amounts of cash anywhere in the US, you are in danger of having it confiscated. In addition, if there is suspicion of your property having anything to do with drug use/sales, it can be confiscated by the law enforcement officials anywhere, even without a conviction on the underlying offense.

      So, you take your undisguised bigotry and stuff it.

  3. GSL says:

    Given what’s going on in California these days, we’re not completely surprised.

  4. TheMichaelOnline says:

    Yikes, that is horrible.

  5. David R. Henderson says:

    Bob, Please provide a link to the video.

  6. Tom Trosko says:


    Can you please post that on my site.


    Tom Trosko

  7. Charles Clarskson says:

    I’m not surprised by the seizures. but I am surprised the reporter didn’t inform the public that citizens have the right to refuse the search.

    • J Cortez says:

      True, but the assertion of those rights aren’t likely to stop anything.

      Save for the most outrageous abuses, most of the time It takes money and lawyers to successfully fight police when they’ve done wrong.

      I’m also not surprised by the seizures. This type of behavior is what’s to be expected because of the incentives inherent to the system.

  8. RG says:

    I loved the juxtaposition of the federal stonewalling wordsmith with the flag in the background (“…continue to fund OUR operations.”) and the local cop that just told it like it was (“That shouldn’t be the case, but that’s what it looks like.”).

  9. Bob Roddis says:

    Since my hobby is concocting tweaks of statists, how about:

    “Drug warriors love gang-bangers”.

    That goes along with:

    “Republican warmongers hate the troops” (which can be combined with the addition of “and the Constitution” and/or “America”.