31 May 2011

Bob Murphy Tells “the Best Tom Woods Story Ever”

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[UPDATE below.]

An oldie but goodie from the Campaign for Liberty’s Iowa regional conference in May 2010. My dad wanted to send this one to somebody so I had to dig it up, and it was a challenge for me to find it on YouTube. Lest it become lost to history forever, I am preserving it here. Who cares about the economics; the opening anecdote is what’s important.

Oh, when Tom introduced Dan McCarthy (the speaker before me), Tom said something like, “If I had to pick the ten people in the world I’d most like to have a conversation with, Dan would be on the list.”

UPDATE: Wow I had forgotten I used the George Constanza routine in that one too, but it was half-hearted. I guess that makes at least 3 times so I had better retire it. The crowd gets restless without new material.

One Response to “Bob Murphy Tells “the Best Tom Woods Story Ever””

  1. Matthew Murphy says:

    Would have loved to see Tom’s reaction when he first heard that story…