22 Apr 2011

Readings for the Vanderbilt Debate on Gold vs Fiat Money

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Last night I had the debate (more of a conversation really) with Vanderbilt econ professor Mario Crucini. I promised the crowd that I would put some readings here on my blog to back up a few of the claims I was making…

==> Here is a “big picture” article summarizing my views on the gold standard, and why it is far preferable to a government fiat system.

==> Regarding the claims by Eichengreen et al. that countries leaving the gold standard did better in the 1930s (and hence the gold standard apparently exacerbated the Great Depression), here is my response.

==> To see why I don’t think deflation is a good explanation for the severity of the Great Depression, read this article comparing it to the 1920-1921 Depression. (However here is a Keynesian rebuttal.)

==> More generally, to see my views on the Great Depression and the connection to gold, check out my book (which you would have to buy, alas).

3 Responses to “Readings for the Vanderbilt Debate on Gold vs Fiat Money”

  1. Youtube? says:

    ….or it didn’t happen

    • bobmurphy says:

      The other guy didn’t want it recorded.

      • Anon says:

        I thought a Professor would want to allow it to be recorded so that many could watch it, and you know, be educated? Super lame.