30 Apr 2011

Night of Clarity Episode III

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All your wildest dreams fulfilled. Come to NashVegas on Friday, July 22nd to hear a star-studded cast headlined by Tom Woods talk about the only guy to slay a central bank and pay off the national debt.

All the details are here. You at least need to check out the artwork. And if you stick around the next day, you can party with everyone at Andrew Jackson’s mansion and look at his grave. (For real.)

(I am calling this Episode III because technically this is third “Night of Clarity” Carlos Lara has hosted in Nashville, but the first one was pretty low-key. The big shin dig last summer was the second Night of Clarity, but most people think of it as the first.)

One Response to “Night of Clarity Episode III”

  1. Anon says:

    Speaking of Tom Woods, I’d like to give him props for maintaining composure and obliterating his opponents with solid argumentation. I say this after taking the time to read his blog and each section occasionally being hijacked by the undead rabble over at Think Progress, Media Matters, or the Mark Levin groupie graveyard. Woods does not lament being smeared by the Soros Horde and exercises limitless patience when they moan all over his comment section. Until your arrival, leftists for far too long have remained in the comfort zone debating spineless neocons who would substitute Reagan quotes and pro-market rhetoric courtesy of Mitt Romney for economic literacy. You have earned the title, Zombie Slayer Woods.