16 Apr 2011

Murphy Fights Freedom With Two Other Guests

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OK here is the whole episode; our segment starts a little after the 13:00 mark.

In the studio at Nashville, I just have an audio connection, and I didn’t know who the other two guests were. I thought the guy was Italian, and I pictured the woman as in her 50s and matronly. I couldn’t believe how politically incorrect the “Italian” guy was being, and I couldn’t understand why the Judge was so deferential to the “matron” with her stereotypical leftist talking points.

Now I get it.

6 Responses to “Murphy Fights Freedom With Two Other Guests”

  1. David S. says:

    I agree. You were literally fighting freedom. You fight against the 4 freedoms certainly, and presumably would no matter how wealthy the society.

    • crossofcrimson says:

      If you’re referring to FDR’s infamous numeration then we could only hope so…

  2. crossofcrimson says:

    I seem to remember Charles Payne featured pretty prominently on the other side of the debate table from Peter Schiff in many of his televised predictions of coming financial downfall circa 2007ish.

    • gienek says:

      Well, credit to him for being courageous enough to change his mind and indirectly admit his mistake.

  3. Bob Roddis says:

    That Robin Hood tax is pretty scary. I’d smack that one down over and over by pointing out that it is “progressive” anti-property, anti-contract and anti-sound money policies that are the cause of third world misery. If there is also a neo-con in the neighborhood, I’d point out that their warmongering is putting our troops in harms’ way for the primary purpose of spreading Clintonista “progressive” policies which are the cause of the problems of the third world in the first place.

    1. The “progressives” (who see themselves as helping poor people) are in fact the cause of their misery. Someone needs to remind them of this. In public. Over and over.

    2. The neo-cons need to be informed in public that they are nothing but militaristic Clintonistas. Over and over.

  4. Greg Ransom says:

    Who knew?

    “Climate change” is causing the price of food to go up!!!