17 Mar 2011

Murphy Twin Spin

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Still on the road; I should be back and blogging next week. In the meantime, I had two Mises Daily Articles this week.

On Monday I discussed the three “exit options” people normally say will rescue us from massive price inflation. The best part of the article is the graphic, which makes it appear that Bernanke is flicking us the bird.

Today I explain that “Everybody Knows Bernanke Is a Joke.” Again, the picture is the best feature of the piece.

But, I know some of you go to Mises.org to read the articles. Sure you do.

4 Responses to “Murphy Twin Spin”

  1. Desolation Jones says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Robert Murphy backs fractional reserve banking. Says increasing reserve requirements would devastate the economy. =)

    • bobmurphy says:

      I also said my recommended strategy of selling off assets would devastate the economy. So you missed “Robert Murphy backs QE3.”

  2. Jonathan M. F. Catalán says:

    It’s “flipping the bird”.

  3. Contemplationist says:

    Yeah Bob. Surely that hyperinflation from 2009 will be arriving anytime now….