11 Mar 2011

Murphy Twin Spin

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I don’t think I officially announced this, but I’ve been traveling a lot (and will do so next week also) and have a bunch of “real work” that piled up. So, blogging has been sparse as you’ve no doubt noticed.

Anyway here is a piece I had on MarketWatch a while ago criticizing the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission’s findings. What’s neat is that I gave a standard summary of Hayek, and the crowd went wild. (You have to look at the first batch of comments for the lovers. The haters came later.)

Then just yesterday, I gave a shout out to the freedom fighters ’round the world. And then I got my head bitten off by the people who hang out at the Mises blog.

I have several lectures that are “Bob as you’ve never seen him!”-type material. (I am shirted though, no funny stuff.) But it’s taking a while to get the videos edited etc. for posting. And yes, that includes the pseudo-debate I had with an economist from the Atlanta Fed a few weeks ago. So I’ll post those when they’re ready…

4 Responses to “Murphy Twin Spin”

  1. JimS says:

    I have to say two things:

    One, I admire you for posting a link to the mostly negative comments concerning your thoughts and feelings about the middle east.

    Two, I tend to agree with them. I wish it were true and they were acheiving freedom and valuing it. I have some experiences dealing with Egyptians, and mostly Saudis, and as anti PC as it is, they do not think nor value things as we do.

    Thanks again;

    • Dan says:

      Why is it anti pc to say Egyptians don’t value things as we do? I say that about most people in this country.

      • JimS says:

        I live in CA (Crazy America) everything in non PC. Seemingly we must praise everyone and concede everyone is better than us.

  2. Dan says:

    Boo! Why is it a pseudo-debate with the guy from the Fed?