14 Feb 2011


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Yo yo yo, this song goes out to Jeff Tucker and all the other virtual revolutionaries around the world. Free your mind and the rest follows.

5 Responses to “#Jan25”

  1. Not Bob Murphy's Love Child says:

    This one goes out to the non-virtual revolutionaries:


  2. not a brother says:

    The Muslim Brotherhood / gangsta rapper / anarcho-capitalist / Fruit of Islam alliance?

  3. not a brother says:

    Time to do the anti-semitic / anti-Israeli math on these lyrics:

    * “the leaders helping pigs eating their kids”

    * “imagine a million human march to Gaza”

    • Christopher says:

      It might be because I am not a native speaker, but I don’t understand the anti-semitic content of those lyrics.

      I am not familiar with a story about children-eating pigs in the context of anti-semitsm. A quick search on google revealed the so called “blood libel”, which you are probably refering to, but also dozends of other stories about people eating their kids, e.g. capitalists. Well, maybe I am just naive.

      Gaza isn’t part of Isreal, is it? Couldn’t the line just be meant to support independence of Gaza without any anti-Isreal meaning to it? Or would you say that’s already anti-Israeli? So far I thought one can condemn anti-semitism and still be in favor of independence of Gaza.

      Again, I am not a native speaker, and I barely understand half of their gibberish, so maybe I am just missing the context, but the way you put it doesn’t strike me as clearly anti-semitic.

      • Greg Ransom says:

        Can’t yourself blessed — and uninformed — for not getting these references.