28 Feb 2011

Corporate Welfare Polka

Economics 2 Comments

I’m not sure this woman would even want my endorsement–should I send her a free copy of the Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism?–but I heard this on the low-budget indie station in the car and thought it was worth re-posting. (Note the audio was better in the version I heard, but this gets the idea across. If you don’t want to hear her preamble just move to the 0:40 mark.)

2 Responses to “Corporate Welfare Polka”

  1. Dan says:

    Check out her video Capitalism Sucks. There was a link to it at the end of the video you posted. She desperately needs your book.

  2. Daniel G. says:

    You may want to include a note saying something to the effect of, “This book doesn’t support corporatism, but a truly free market where no one is favored by corrupt politicians.”