03 Jan 2011

One Week For “Anatomy of the Fed”!

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This may be the only chance we have to offer this class, before Ron Paul Ends the Fed. Learn its anatomy so you can identify the parts that leak out onto the floor.

Perhaps more plausible, is the goal of hitting 300 enrolled students by next week (the first class). As I explained in the infomercial, everybody gets a free copy of the textbook (Rothbard’s Mystery of Banking) if that happens, including shipping and including foreign students. (!!)

Right now we are at 140 enrolled students, and in our experience enrollment basically doubles in the week before a new course opens. So it’s a nail biter. If you’ve already signed up, get your friend(s) to join you.

This class will not assume any prior economics or banking knowledge. However, it will not be merely theoretical. I will show you how to look up stuff on the Fed’s balance sheet, and we will go over some of the logistics like, “How does the Fed actually go about buying $600 billion in government securities?”

3 Responses to “One Week For “Anatomy of the Fed”!”

  1. ***** says:

    Are the classes accredited, I mean…. if take one of these over the summer, will it count towards my student loans not going into repayment? I’d like to take one of these classes you guys at Mises offer, but won’t have time, if I have to take a lot of other uni courses at the same time.

  2. givejonadollar says:

    Good luck on getting your 300. Ron Paul won’t end the Fed. The Fed will end the fed. 🙂

  3. Nico says:

    Broadcasting at night in Europe :\