10 Jan 2011

Murphy on FreedomWatch: the Myth of the Myth of Big Government

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Here’s the YouTube of Friday night’s appearance with Judge Napolitano:

Some inside baseball for ya: Despite appearances, I am not actually hovering amid the downtown Nashville skyline. (It’s true that I have what could plausibly be described as super powers, but I am not yet ready to reveal them to the world.) That’s actually just a poster hanging behind the chair where I’m sitting.

So there I am, all made-up and with a lapel mic and earpiece in, listening to the show. The Judge tells his viewers what’s coming up in later segments, and he mentions my spot. So it’s possible that I’m after the next commercial break; I’m not sure.

At that moment, the people at the Nashville studio are talking to each other and realize that the paperwork from Fox was wrong (or at least they claim–who knows the source of the snafu). In any event, the problem is that they had put the daytime poster behind me, even though the show will air at night. So they are quickly moving sandbags etc. to swap out the background, as I’m listening to the Judge come back from the break.

Don’t worry kids, everything turned out fine. They had another segment–where he reads from the Freedom File I think–before coming back to my spot. But I want you to appreciate my cool composure all the more so.

6 Responses to “Murphy on FreedomWatch: the Myth of the Myth of Big Government”

  1. MidCap says:

    Youtube does not allow me to watch the video:

    “This video is not available in your country.
    Sorry about that.”
    (My country being Germany)

    Does anyone know why that would be?

  2. Douglas says:

    “This video is not available in your country”


  3. Matthew Murphy says:

    “But I want you to appreciate my cool composure all the more so”

    It really wasn’t that hard for you to pull off, considering your secret superpowers. Those powers, btw, you’ve already revealed (partially) in your excellent writings. Keep up the great work!

    • bobmurphy says:

      Thanks for the kind words, but you may want to google “telekinesis” to avoid a shock down the road.

      • Matthew Murphy says:

        LOL! Use it now to stop the government from screwing up the economy!

  4. Leo says:

    I love that the Judge referred to Paul Krugman as your arch nemesis a few days before he became the arch nemesis of most of the conservatives in this country. (after the shooting & his blog) – Now is the time to solicit campaign donations!