19 Jan 2011

Murphy Lecture on (Rothbardian) Bank Mechanics

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For the Mises Academy, we have incorporated “pre-recorded” lectures* to make the experience that much cooler for the paying students. (I.e. if you miss the weekly “live” lecture, you can watch this HQ version to get caught up.) Below is a sample, where I walk through the balance sheet basics of banking, from a Rothbardian perspective. Note that you actually don’t need to have the PowerPoint show, because Chad Parish did a great job flipping back and forth between my shiny, angelic head and the slides.

If you haven’t yet taken the plunge at Mises Academy, check out the current course offerings. There’s something for everyone (who occupies a small band of the ideological spectrum comprising 2.4% of the population).

* Carlin is rolling over in his grave. “‘Pre-recorded?’ Does that mean you recorded them before you recorded them? They’re recorded lectures! And I’m not getting on the plane, I’m getting in the plane.”

3 Responses to “Murphy Lecture on (Rothbardian) Bank Mechanics”

  1. Dan says:

    I’m taking my third class from Dr. Murphy and also have or had classes with Thomas Woods, David Gordan, and Stephan Kinsella. If you haven’t taken a class yet I would highly recommend it. Dr. Murphy is fantastic and I have been able to see him take a question, not know the answer initially, and then start working through the problem out loud until he comes to a solution. It is fascinating to watch his mind work. Watching these kind of moments inspired me to take David Gordan’s class on logic and to start devoting more time in that field. It made me want to learn how to better solve problems on my own than having to go pick up MES every time I get stuck.

    Another great thing about these classes is the fact that you can go back to them after the course is over. I took the Kinsella IP course even though I was too busy to go through it at the time. I have all the material and videos at my fingertips any time I get a break. The big benefit from staying on schedule though is the ability to get answers from all these guys during the lectures. They really do a great job of making sure people can get as much or little at of the course as you want.

  2. Jim O'Connor says:

    This lecture would be SO much better if you were in zombie make-up. That has replaced my mental image of you even though I’ve met you in person several times.

  3. Desolation Jones says:

    Why pay when Mark Thoma has his monetary theory class online for free?!


    Your move, Bob. Time to make your price more competitive. Market forces demand it.