20 Jan 2011

Murphy Interviewed by Life Insurance Professional

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5 Responses to “Murphy Interviewed by Life Insurance Professional”

  1. Somnio ab Libertas says:

    Bah, still not as good as RPM prepping for the debate against Krugman. Honestly, I still think that video and “Interview With a Zombie” are still the two best videos relating to economics.

  2. Matthew Murphy says:

    It looks like this interview was from January 5th?

  3. Silas Barta says:

    Summary? Is it just a bunch of stuff like, “Hey, you can save money in a whole life plan, and then use your savings to ‘pay’ yourself!” and “Help us fight the power by investing in giant corporations and government bonds through life insurance portfolios!” and “Yeah, if hyperinflation hits, you’re ****ed, bro”?