20 Dec 2010

“I’m in Love With Friedrich Hayek”

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Don’t give up on this. It gets hilarious at the end. (HT2 a bunch of simultaneous posters.)

8 Responses to ““I’m in Love With Friedrich Hayek””

  1. Brent says:


  2. Dan says:

    You know you’re famous if you can use ABCT to pick up chicks.

  3. senyoreconomist says:

    About a million times better than that Keynes/Hayek rap video! The tune is really nice and sweet … Even if I did not understand the words, I would still like the tune a lot. Does the young woman really like Hayek? Is she a Phd student or something? What really kills the Keynes/Hayek rap video is that the accents of Keynes and Hayek are totally wrong. Keynes should have a pucker English public school accent and Hayek that of a Viennese (did I spell that right?). If they went to all that video and audio production trouble, they should have put just a wee bit of effort into getting the accents right. What a shame…

  4. senyoreconomist says:

    I mean, come on, you gotta admit that having Mr. “Fluctooations” shout “fluctooations” in a heavily accented English at some point in the rap video and then having the Keynes character respond with “oh really now!” in a heavily accented English while rolling his eyes would have really added something to the rap video. Am I the only one who feels this way?

  5. Robert Greenwood says:

    I think they should have found an old voodoo witch down in the bayou to bring Hayek and Keynes back from the grave to do the Rap themselves. That would have been far more entertaining and informative. Lazy kids these days…

  6. senyoreconomist says:

    Is Mr. Greenwoods sarcasm directed at Moi? かわいそ!

  7. senyoreconomist says:

    I’m sorry, Greenwood’s

  8. Caleb says:

    I love the highest rated comment on YouTube: “If she wants to get screwed, economically speaking she’d be better off with Keynes.”