18 Dec 2010

I Don’t Mean to Be a Debby Downer But…

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…is anyone else’s Spidey sense tingling with all the acceptance of Ron Paul in mainstream circles now? I still can’t believe they let him get the position.

I know, I know, people will say, “Oh but Bob, they couldn’t possibly have denied it to him. People would have been outraged.” Right, but people were outraged over the TARP bailout, too.

I do not pretend to know the strategeries that the people behind the curtain employ. But here’s my concern: Suppose for the sake of argument that the shrill amongst us have been right, and that Bernanke’s actions in the last two years are truly setting us up for a collapse of the dollar.

Well, what better cover, than to have that “nutjob” Ron Paul heckling Bernanke nonstop during the 18 months before the collapse? Then Krugman (and Megan McArdle) can say, “We told you so.”

Just to be clear, folks, I think it’s amazing that Ron Paul has attained this position, fame, and belated acceptance in wider and wider circles. But I can’t believe that the banksters have decided the jig is up and have given up their precious printing press. It’s entirely possible that their willingness to allow Ron Paul to oversee the Fed, is a sign that they know the dam is about to burst.

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