02 Nov 2010

Off to Oregon, and Murphy-Krugman Debate Update

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Posting has been and will continue to be sparse; to steal a line from Dennis Miller, I’ve been traveling a lot–I make Kerouac look like an agoraphobe. On Thursday Carlos Lara and I will be speaking at Tom McFie’s Life Benefit$ Freedom Retreat.

In the meantime, a quick update on the Murphy-Krugman debate. Today we broke the $50,000 mark, less than two full weeks after the launch of the campaign! This is really incredible. When things settle down, I really will do a “Murphy’s Angels Roll Call” and highlight the big-ticket pledges.

At this point this is a legitimate news item and we can release the hounds. I know some of you have already been calling up talk radio hosts, posting it on your blogs, and emailing people (including Krugman). To the extent that you are looking to me for central planning, I would suggest holding off on putting it on Krugman’s blog itself; I think it will be more effective to wait for the $100k mark for that. But by all means, please continue spreading the message in friendly venues.

One big tip: Don’t tell people to go to The Point, or even YouTube. I think you should keep it simple and point people to “KrugmanDebate.com”, especially if you are calling into a radio show. It’s really really tough to get people to hear something on the radio and then end up making a pledge online. Don’t cloud things with multiple references; just keep it as: “Go to KrugmanDebate.com for details.”

Beyond your grassroots efforts, I have a few more tricks up my sleeve. But I will keep you in suspense…

In closing, let me share these two comments on my campaign:

“I would love to see this debate, all the moreso after watching Murphy’s two promotional videos, each so entertaining in its own way that they made me want to send him money independent of the Krugman thing.”Steve Landsburg

“Krugman is refusing to debate. If he finally consents, he can say, “I was just trying to help more poor people.” I know that’s what I would say. Then he will get his head handed to him by Murphy. He will run into a buzz saw. His Nobel Prize will do him no good at all.”Gary North

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  1. Sieben says:

    Who’s next after Krugman >:I