15 Nov 2010

Krugman Still Rattled

Krugman 6 Comments

We have further, smoking gun evidence that Krugman has been following my every move. The hints just keep leaking out. Submitted for your approval:

Me on November 10: “A few people today have sent me this Slate article that links to one of my old Mises Daily articles. Just when I’m about to give up economics and go full-time into male modeling, they pull me back in…”

Krugman on November 13: “Sorry about radio silence. Some traveling, together with some modeling — fruits of which should be posted in a week or two.”

Oh, I’m supposed to think that’s just a coincidence? Hardly.

Quite clearly Krugman is like Jack Nicholson’s character in A Few Good Men. He thinks he can crush me in a debate, and he’s dying to eviscerate my phlogistonic theory. But his handlers tell him it’s a reckless move that can only hurt his career.

You just watch. The next time Krugman misses his connecting flight in Europe, he’ll blog about “Murphy’s Law.”

6 Responses to “Krugman Still Rattled”

  1. fundamentalist says:

    I’m hoping the money and promotion will force Krugman to debate you, but I’m only about 40% confident. Socialists know they don’t do well in real debates; their ideas just don’t hold up to scrutiny. Krugman is famous and respected among socialists. Debating you will add nothing to that and merely provide ammo for anti-socialists. Their is little upside for Krugman in such a debate, and a lot of down. Still, I’m betting that his ego overcomes his calculations.

  2. Daniel Kuehn says:

    Aw come on – we had all just finished repressing that image!!! Now you have to bring it up again???

  3. Bleicke says:

    Murphy’s Law says that everything government can fuck up, it will.

  4. AC says:

    I give it a 0.1% chance of happening — not too shabby, there’s still a chance.

  5. Yancey Ward says:

    I would be shocked if Krugman accepts. Shocked.

  6. Stephen Adkins says:

    I know this is purely secondary but, considering he’s been elected to moderate the debate, has Ezra Klein made any mention of this? Seems like he would if he knew about it, and if he ever did mention it, this would really begin to pick up speed.